Monday, October 18, 2010

2010 Undy 5000 Run

Only 12 days left till the 2010 Undy 5000 Run to support colon cancer!  We currently have 40 people signed up to participate on our team and we need more!  Please go to Rodgers' Rumps & Kim's Keesters to sign up fo our team.  It is $30 to participate in the 3-mile run, or $20 to do the 1-mile walk.  Sadly we are in 6th place for donations.  Please also try to make a small donation to the cause in addition to participating.  If you are unable to participate, you can also make a donation to our effort and to colon cancer by clicking on the link above.  Even just $20 will help our cause and help us reah our goal!  All donations are tax-deductible!  Thanks all for your support!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Kim's Blog Book

If you are interested in ordering Kim's blog in book form, there is a 15% discount for 10+ books (and a bigger discount the more we order). If anyone is interested in ordering a blog book, let me know and we can put a "bulk" order together.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

San Diego

We are all here in San Diego....Kim....& we miss you! So many memories of you here! The condos that you have stayed in. Crystal Pier where we took our pics last year. Every where you look....there"s some memory of you being here.

We all wrote you a personal note last night and rolled it up...put it in an empty wine bottle & corked it.
Uncle Mitch went out in the ocean neck deep and threw the bottle out to the sea. We all screamed "I love You Kim" and I know you heard us. It was emotional....but almost like the wound of you being gone was healed a lil last night...

love You so much Kim!
miss you!
Cousin Kristin

Monday, June 28, 2010

Aunt Kathy Here

Thanks Randi for your very touching post! I always enjoy hearing from have such a rare gift of being able to express yourself so incredibly well. Sure miss seeing you and all of Kim's wonderful dear friends. We should all try and get together soon...I know Nan would enjoy seeing you all as well.

I agree that it is awesome how well Deron and the kids are doing and Natty certainly plays a big role in their happiness and well being. I know Natty will keep Kim's memory alive and well and I am also thankful for that.

Looking forward to the Undy 5000 and appreciate your efforts in organizing this wonderful event once again.

I had my colonoscopy last month and had some polyps removed by our Angel Doctor Rodriquez-Luna and he asked about everyone and teared up when we talked about Kim...she had a huge impact on him and all of his staff. He is also glad she isn't suffering any more.

I truly believe that your baby will be here soon and I know Kim is doing everything she can to help you and Mike with that. Keep the faith and it will happen.

Thanks again Randi!!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

2010 Undy 5000

Click here to join our 2010 Undy 5000 team -

Rodgers' Rumps & Kim's Keesters!!

This is our second year and we plan to raise even more money than last year to kick colon cancer's butt!!

Saturday October 30, 2010.

If you have any questions, please e-mail me at Team e-mails will be sent to all of last years team members in the next couple of days. Please get registered and start collecting donations. We want to raise more money than the Mayo Clinic this year!! A few dollars from everyone will help us reach our goal.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Friend-ish (Erin's new line of vocab)

Dear Kim,

This weekend Erin and I drove to San Diego for a quick weekend get-away...we talked about you and thought about you many times. We miss you each day and hope you are always near by.

As I sat on the beach with Erin, I thought how lucky I am for all I have. I am especially thankful for a few of my closest friends...Erin, Natty, Michelle...and a few others I wouldn't have been close to without you. I honestly don't have the words...

There is so much going on in this life....I just know you are thrilled. Your kids are thriving!! They are truly happy and moving through life as you would hope and pray. They are getting so big...Kiki looks so much like you!! She was blessed with your incredible genetics...and is already stunning. She was wearing a dress tonight...and she has your back!! I know it sounds crazy, but it's true!! Her smile if infectious...and it's constant.

The Phoenix Thunder played their championship game tonight and won 47-0!! Dylan even got to be the "water boy". He's getting so big!! The team raised $5k dollars to donate to the kids...amazing!! They also donated the entry fee ($10 a head) to Travis Murphy's family. If you see him around up there...make sure he knows how much we appreciate his sacrifice. His family is beautiful, and I'm sure they miss him more every day.

Michelle had her colonoscopy today...two polyps were removed. I'm glad she is keeping up with her regularly scheduled check-ups!! Mike had two pre-cancerous polyps removed earlier this year...his brother also had a few removed. Let's just say it's coming from both sides for our kiddos. :) The rest of us have all had our colonoscopies (my 6th) and are good to go...some have had a removal or two, but are clear for a few years. We are starting the prep for our Undy 5000 team this year...we are going to raise more than the Mayo Clinic this year!!

I love and miss you every day. I hope you know how much everyone misses you, but we are all doing okay. We know you don't hurt...and we are getting through this. We know you are so happy...We know you approve. Could you have hand picked anyone better to raise and love your children? And'd be so thrilled. He has come so far...a totally different amazing man. I wish I could talk to you...just once. I just know you had some part in all this. LOL...we wish we knew the Lord's plan, but we are all happy to live and learn each and every day. We love you so much.



p.s. can you send me a baby...please? LOL...I don't care- boy or girl...just an amazing spirit that needs a good mom and dad. :) Thanks, Love!! hahahaha

Monday, April 5, 2010


Kimbers room is wall to wall butterflies....well almost. Seriously, its a lil much but it reminds me of you each time I look at em!
My dad (Kims uncle Mike) carved on a stone a lil something for Kim and plans to hike the San Fransico peaks in Flagstaff after the snow melts. He will leave the stone way up there for others to see :)
We love and miss you everyday Kim!
I prayed that I would dream of you last night......and I did! thanks for the visit :)
I love you!
-Cousin Kristin

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Valley Mom Celebrates National Dress-In-Blue Day

There was a great story on Channel 5 that was recently featured for National Dress-In-Blue-Day. Kim is also mentioned in this story. Be sure to check it out!

Tomorrow, March 5th is Dress in Blue Day so be sure to wear your blue.

Here is the info from the Colon Cancer Alliance website on Dress-In-Blue-Day:

Here is the facebook page for the Colon Cancer Alliance which also talks about Dress-in-Blue-Day:

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Aunt Kathy Here

I had a dear friend ask me last week why we aren't writing on the blog on a more regular basis any more and I didn't really have a good answer for him. I told him I would pass the word to encourage everyone to write. Not a day goes by when I don't think about you Kimmie, but I do find peace in knowing that you are not suffering any more. I started a new job in January in the oncology field (was so hoping to find a job in oncology after what we went through with 3 family cancer deaths last year and feel blessed that in my new job, I can truly make a difference in cancer patients lives!) and have had the opportunity to visit with Dr. Zafar and staff, Angela Mayo at the Mayo Clinic and some Nurses who took care of you at Mayo and Banner Estrella. Everyone I talked to remembers you and what an inspiration you are to us all. They all ask about Deron, Nan and the kids and I'm pleased to tell them how well everyone is doing. Not that they don't have days when they are down and miss your terribly, but they are doing as well as can be expected. You would be very proud of Deanna on how she has stepped up to to help Deron care for the kids.
Please watch over Vinny while he travels to Africa on his mission trip. I know you were right there with us helping us raise $ so he could make this trip.
Lastly, your cousin, Kohl could use some hope and encouragement with a very difficult situation he is faced with. If you were here, you would kick his butt for his poor decision making. Although, we know there are no mistakes in life and this experience will make him a better person.
Love and Miss You Pretty Lady,
Aunt Kathy

Monday, January 18, 2010

Jenner Joseph Gwaltney

I would like to introduce to you Kim's new nephew, our son, Jenner Joseph Gwaltney. After spending quality, loving time with his Aunt Kim in heaven, Jenner joined our family on January 12, 2010 at 12:52 pm. We know Kim told him all about his loving family, his sisters, all his aunts and uncles, cousins, and grandparents; and how much we were waiting to love and take care of him! Love and miss you Picklepuss

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

To Kim from Uncle Mike

Well Kim, there is not a day that goes by that I don't think about you. Daniel and myself hiked the Grand Canyon again. Slept under the stars under a full moon. I could see your face shining bright in heaven. The whole time hiking I thought about you, especially around water falls. It must be their natural beauty. Kim, I miss you, I miss your smile and big eyes and the way you always said, "Uncle Mike." I call you cell phone a lot just to hear your voice and leave messages, it makes me so happy. Kim, up there in heaven, if you have not already talked to my Dad, know that he is a good man. I feel your presence real strong, almost like we are going to reach out and hug each other. I am engraving a real pretty stone with your name and a few other words on it. Come this spring, Daniel and myself will climb San Francisco Peak and Mt. Humphies and place that stone in a special place because we love you. Kim, your Mom is a real strong woman, but please have God reach down from heaven a place his hand on her shoulder and reinforce her strength. It takes time Kim, your mother is healing slowly. It's almost Christmas Eve, keep sending down your beautiful thoughts from heaven. I love you and know you are always around your beautiful friends and family. Kim, you are forever in my heart.

Love You So Much,
Uncle Mike

Friday, December 18, 2009

Glendale Glitters

We went to see Jaden (Kim's niece) dance tonight out in old town Glendale. It made me think about Kim....she was at this event with us last year.....It was a good memory.....Kim all bundled up because it was really cold and you would have never know how sick she was. She looked so good! Vinny and I were talking about how he was pushing her in the wheelchair and I said yep I know, we ate at the same restaurant tonight that we did last year. It was really hard to think she was sitting with us in the same restaurant last year.
Nights like tonight make you really wonder why things happen the way that they do....makes you a bit angry....a bit confused....
Tonight at the dance, we were stopped by someone asking us to sign a petition to support medical marijuana :) Most of us signed it! and I laughed and told Vinny that I always told Kim that I could make her some killer brownies that would give her a fierce appetite and get rid of her nausea but Kim was always rock solid. She didnt want anything. She got through her bad nights with prayers and love from family and friends. I admire her strength! Often times I would put myself in her shoes and think of how pissed I'd be and yet she never was. Of how I'd want to fill my body with anything to make it numb if I were in her shoes. Kim never once took advantage of her diagnosis. She took what she was dealt and made the best of it. How many of us would have the strength to do that?
I learned a lot from Kim's journey with cancer and have made a lot of changes in my life because of her....changes for the better.
I know shes still here with us we just have to work the other day, the patient I was caring for had the name Kim tattooed on his ring finger. I took his hand in mine and told him about our Kim and he told me about his wife Kim. It was a nice moment. I love telling people of her strength.
Love You Kim! It's almost your first Christmas in Heaven.....enjoy!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Temporary Home

To help make it through my long days sitting behind a desk, I listen to Pandora. It's a website that allows 40 hours of free listening to any variety of music. It's a great way to tone out the BS going on around me...

Anywho...I was typing a report after several bothersome phone calls from a crazy victim I don't care for when this song came on. It's incredible. It made me stop mid-sentence...the entire song is amazing, but the last verse reminded me of Kim. Maybe when she decided it was okay to move on...maybe it's because she saw God's face & just knew everything would be okay. Maybe she understood the entire plan and knew when it was our turn, we'd get to join her...maybe in those last moments all the reasons we don't understand were all so clear for her to leave this place.

Although we each hurt, we should all live the life we were meant to live. Nothing should interfere with the plan in store for each of us. We each have so much potential and we each have so much to accomplish before it's our turn to leave. Whether it's spending an extra few minutes in bed before rushing out to greet the world...or doing the laundry...or curing cancer...or just simply loving each other unconditionally. We are each so strong, talented and needed in this order to prepare ourselves and each other for where we are going.

Listen to this song by Carrie's powerful.

Love to all,


Friday, November 27, 2009

I Love Our Family

Thanksgiving was for sure a big change for all of us...Our Kim wasnt there (at least not physically) and Thanksgiving is usually celebrated at the Mayberry's (Aunt Kathy's) This year it was at my parents (Uncle Mike and Aunt Karrie) so it was interesting to hear everyones reaction to how far they had to drive....they live in CaveCreek.
It was a really nice day. It was fun to have a fire going in the back yard (in a fire pit) even more fun to act like we actually needed a fire! Gotta love Arizona's winter temps!
As the night went on, my dad wasnt feeling well and this was very scary because my dad (Uncle Mike to Kim) is someone that could survive on dirt and water. We always joke that he will do manual labor for horse hay and water! But when he admitted he didnt feel well; we all forced him to go to the hospital.
After blood work, a CT scan and an MRI things turned out to be OK. Just some dehydration. Uhh could this possibly be from his excessive cardio and workouts he does and the new found diet which was vegan! ya! that will do it! I recommend sticking to an all seafood diet.....when you see food, you eat it!!!! (that was from a movie; Im not that funny)
With everything that we have been through with Kim, the family didnt want to risk waiting to see if anything was wrong with my dad so there we were, my mom, aunt Kathy, uncle Mitch and myself sitting in an ER room waiting....praying that everything was OK.
It brought up bad memories and I even thought, "I hate hospitals" and Im a nurse! But I was thinking of Kim......thats what made me feel that way.
My bad memories faded when Nan and Vinny entered the Emergency Room. There was Nan...who had just celebrated her first Thanksgiving without her daughter and again I was blown away by her calmness. She explained to my dad to ask Kim to be with him and draw strength from Kim. Vinny said one of his prayers.....his prayers are amazing!
My dad had to stay the night for observation and as we were leaving, (by this time it was my mom and Nan and I) I said I cant leave.....Nan decided to stay with him for a bit longer. uhh till after 2am!
When I got home, I walked into Kimbers room and whispered "I love you" and I went on Kims blog and cried a lil. OK a lot. I was trying to understand why Kim is gone. But then I knew Kim was watching over my dad....watching over all of us and I went to bed relaxed.
I love you family!
I love you Kim!
Happy first Thanksgiving in Heaven!
Oh...just want to mention that Cher (Kim's sister in law) in due in six weeks and couldnt be cuter! has the most perfect round tummy! Cant wait to meet baby Jenner!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Busy Day!

My lil Kimber is off to sleep....and Oh yes, it is nearly midnight and Im thinking of Kim. I miss her so much! It's hard to be at family gatherings and see that Kim is not physically with us. My mind drifts back to when we are all together and I think of Kim sitting with us....I look at Nan and my heart hurts but at the same time Im overwhelmed with how proud I am of her because she is so strong!
The Undy5000 was this morning and Randi did such an awesome job being the team captain! Our family also celebrated cousin Kandus's Birthday this was a long day spent with family and friends....friends that Kim brought together.
I keep thinking of this time that I spent the night with Kim after a chemo appointment and morning came and I kept saying to Kim, I dont want to get up (its like 7am) and Kim said then dont and it was that easy.....I pulled my covers back over my head and we slept in.....The bed was so cozy and looking back Im so thankful I did sleep in. I was ready to rush off and start the day and it was Kim who reminded me to slow down.....sleep in....dont worry.
and I think of the times that Kim would be sick from Chemo and her response was I dont like throwing up and it was followed by a smile......a smile! Never why me? or poor me. I admire her so much!
and of course I think of the belly rubs from Kim on my pregnant belly....I now look at my daughter and cant wait to tell her who she is named after. Oh and PS...Kim had no epidurals for the birth of her babies. When I was in labor I thought of Kim a lot and again was blown away by her strength! No epidural! Thats our Kim!

I love you Kim!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

4th Annual Guns vs. Hoses Football Game to Benefit the Miller's

On November 7, 2009 the Goodyear Police Officers Association will be squaring off against the United Goodyear Fire Fighters in the 4th Annual Guns vs. Hoses football game ( The game will be played at the new Goodyear Spring training facility at 1933 South Ballpark Way in Goodyear. The doors open at 5pm and the game kicks off at 6:15pm. Donations will be taken at the gates to benefit the Miller family. Following the game, there will be a fireworks display and a three-hour concert by Crooked Head Annie (who is a cover band specializing in music such as Journey, Styx and Boston).
Hope to see everyone there!
Aunt Kathy

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Cancer Death Spurs Drive To Get Others Screened

KPHO did a follow up story on Kim for the Pay it Forward Program. It will touch your heart! Thanks Deron! Click on the link below to view the video.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Scotts letter to his sister Kim

I am Scott Gwaltney, Kims older brother. I wanted to say something today to honor my sister and her life, but for those of you who know me, know I am a little bit of a crier and I would never make it through this. First of all I want to say this is the hardest thing I have had to do in my 31 years of life and that’s why I am having my uncle Mike read this to you. I was the first born and had it pretty good, I mean mom and dad gave up a couple of horses for me and I thought I was pretty special but then 16 months later the moment you arrived I knew it was all over for me. How couldn’t it be you were so cute. But remember everybody thought we were twins. Growing up, sure we got into our fair share of fights and got punished for them, the duck tape over the mouth which I think is illegal in 9 countries and 37 states including Arizona comes to mind. Im still mad at mom dad for that one. We can actually thank them for our big lips because the swelling never went down. Remember all the games we use to play. We would play the card game war. We would play Mario brothers on Nintendo and when mom and dad weren’t home you would call them and say, “Mom, Scott wont let me be Mario”. I use to hate that., but you would eventually get your way, and by the way I forgive you for the vicious attacks you brought upon me with solid objects including, one curling iron heated to a cool 350 degrees which took off all layers of skin on my left arm., I think the scar is finally gone, how about the 7 iron to the back of my head, or the tennis racket to the spine. I wonder why I have problems. Through all that I never laid a finger on you because I loved you and was scared to death of dad, but I did get you back when I use to hit your toes with my knuckles. That was my only revenge. Anyways back to the games, my favorite was when we use to lay in each others beds and guess what we were writing on each others back. We had the only front yard in the neighborhood with no grass because we used it as a soccer field, football field and a baseball diamond. We would play outside all day, with mom hitting us grounders, we were peppering with your volleyball or you would watch me kick my soccer ball endlessly against the wall. You thought as we got into high school I was mean and didn’t want you around me and my friends but let me tell you a little secret it was them that I didn’t want around you., I am protective over you, you are my little sister and lets face it your beauty is breathtaking (did I mention people say we look alike) As long as I can remember people have been drawn to you for so many different reasons, Im not sure if it was your beauty, charisma, welcoming smile or everyone was intrigued because they had to look up to you, im just kidding you weren’t that tall. Speaking of tall is that why you could buy an alcoholic beverage at the age of 15. I still get carded for R movies. I think it is your gentle brown eyes, kind heart, quick wit, and sharp tongue. I could sit here forever talking about your qualities but you know them as well as I do and so do the people in this church that’s why they are here. Look at how much you accomplished. I am so proud of you. You were a volleyball and softball stud in high school and competitively. You had college offers in both sports, that is amazing. You played two years at GCC and made 1st team all region both years not to mention the records you set while you were there. You signed at Auburn but chose to give up your college dreams and stay when mom had been diagnosed with her cancer in 2000 because you knew she needed you. I think that was a loving, noble thing to do. Im glad you stayed I never told you but I didn’t want you to leave either. Not soon after that you met your hubby at Country Thunder and got married later that year, by the way hes not a bad guy, I think you did good, you have 3 beautiful children who are blessed they were able to know you and call you mom. And I know how much you love them. This is the hard part. I want to talk about our relationship lately and clear up some things. As we get older and we have families we get into ruts and become complacent with the day to day grind of life. We might not talk as much as I would of liked but that doesn’t mean everyday your not on my mind or that I love you any less because all I have for you kimmy is LOVE. I have so many wonderful memories with you its hard to recall all of them. When you were diagnosed with your cancer in October I couldn’t believe it, when they said it was stage 4 colon cancer I did my research on the internet as did everybody that knew or followed your blog I am going to admit I was in denial. NO way could this happen to my sister a 29 year old woman as healthy and athletic as you. I asked God everyday why he would do this to you to our family, your family. I never received an answer for that. You went from Mayo to Banner Estrella and finally to Cancer Treatment Center of American. In all of your trips and stays at these hospitals and through all your scans, procedures, chemo and frequent bad news you always had a positive attitude and a smile that kept me strong. You had good days and bad days, I knew it was a good day when I could tickle your swollen feet and you couldn’t hit me so you would just yell at me to stop or throw a brush at me and hit your own foot, ouch that had to hurt. You never lost your sense of humor either. You would give us the middle finger from time to time and I knew when I saw that you were feeling pretty good. Every time I saw you, well not every time but most the time, I would give you a hug and wait a minute before I came back up to make eye contact because I didn’t want you to see me cry so I could be strong for you. When you would see me you would always comfort me and tell me everything is going to be ok, why are you crying? I am going to beat this. Those were the words you always used. I am so amazed at your strength and courage, These last 9-10 months you have become my hero. The fact I can say I am your brother is a privilege and an honor. I cherish all the time I was able to spend with you and one day stands out for me. It was last Tuesday and your pet scan was moved back a few hours so you had them bring me and Danny back to see you and we talked for about an hour and that was the last time we talked and will never forget that conversation, A very special moment for me was when Cher cleared everyone out of your room and I was able to talk to you just you and me. Although you weren’t able to talk back to me, you were squeezing my hand and moaning a little bit but I know you were trying to tell me you loved me and I know you do Kim. We were all there with you until you took your last breath, crying, holding you, I wrote on your arm over and over “I love you” (just like when we were kids) as we let you know it was ok to move on past this world onto your next journey into heaven. The hardest day of my life was watching you in that hospital bed and realizing that would be the last time I would be able to see your beautiful face and hold you or tell you I love you. My little boy (Jenner) will not be able to meet you, but hes going to hear about you and all the good times we shared and he too will love his Aunt Kim. Words can not describe how my heart aches I will no longer be able to pick up the phone and call you or see that face you use to make to me that cracked me up, you know the one. I will never hear the words “Hey Buggy” out of your mouth anymore. I never imagined I would lose you this early in life. One thing that gives me comfort is that you are pain free now and I know you left us when you were ready to go. You fought so hard in the face of adversity and you were right, you did beat it Kim. You are cancer free in heaven with God watching over us, you are our angel. Now I want to let you know how much you were loved as if you already didn’t know. Mom and Dad loved you sooo much and you were sooo close and I am happy you were able to experience that. They would have done anything for you and so would I. Deron and the kids adored you as did our entire family not to mention all of your friends. I want to say to my mom and dad I am so sorry from the bottom of my heart for the loss of your daughter. My heart breaks for you, now having my own family it would absolutely destroy me to lose one of my girls. If there was anything I could do to take your pain away right now no matter how great the measure I would do it. I know there seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel right now, but with time it will get easier. Remember, I love you two I am here for you both. I know this is going to be difficult for everyone but as long as we have each other we will make it through. She is still here in our memories and will always be forever alive in our hearts. Pickle puss I love you so much and I miss you even more but I know I will see you again in a better place. Say hi to Nana, Grandpa Al, Grandma Anne, Keith, Smitty, and Uncle Mike, I would like to thank some very special people at this time for their support, love and selflessness during this time of hardship and sorrow, and if I forget someone please forgive me. First, I would like to thank Mike, Karrie, Kathy, Kirby, Mitch, Lisa, Tracy, Kristen, Eli, Daniel, Justin, Jake, Jesse, Michael, Kandus, Kohl, Megan and Mackenzie, we are so lucky to have you as our family, and I love you all!!! To all of Kims friends that have been there through this time Natalie, Becky, Erin, Laura, Randi, Sammy, Mary,Sherri and Vinnie. Also I would like to thank my friends for supporting me, even those who never had the pleasure to meet Kim, they knew her thru me and were there when I needed a shoulder to cry on. Last but not least, I would like to thank my beautiful wife Cher, you are my rock and I love you. I have two things I hope you can take away from this. First, please take the time and make the effort to let the people you love know you love them, don’t take life for granted, no ones time is guaranteed on this earth. Tomorrow is a gift, make the time today. Colon cancer is becoming more prevalent in the younger society; please get checked it’s what Kim would want you to do. Thank you and God Bless

Monday, October 19, 2009

Phoenix Thunder Fund Raiser for College Fund for Dylan and Kyrstin

I am soooo happy to be able to share an amazing Fundraiser that Chuck Walton and the Phoenix Thunder put together to establish a college fund for Dylan and Kyrstin. The Phoenix Thunder is a non-profit organization of firefighters and police officers from across the valley who compete in tackle football games to raise money for children in need.

All donations in increments of $25.00 will automatically be entered in a raffle for the Phoenix FBR Open on the 16th Green Sky Box for Feb. 22nd - 28th. This includes two tickets for every day of the event.

Please click on the link below for further information and to donate to win this awesome prize:

You can make your donation on line with a credit card by clicking on the link above.

A special thanks to Chuck Walton and the Phoenix Thunder!!

Aunt Kathy

Reminder of Southern Living Party on Saturday

Becky let me know this weekend that she does not have any RSVP's for the Southern Living Party to benefit the Miller's this Saturday, October 24, at 5:00 in the evening?? Please e mail Becky at to let her know if you can make it or not. Details are as follows: We will be getting together in honor of Kim to participate in one of her favorite pastimes…shopping! Hosted by Becky Smith and Mary Rutan, the shopping soirée will include friends, food and beautiful household décor from Southern Living At Home. Catalogs will be made available at the party or for early browsing please visit Southern Living At Home is a home-based consulting business that offers attractive, well-made and versatile decorum that incorporates every decorating style. The home consultant earns twenty-five percent profit of the total merchandise purchased, all of which will be donated to the Miller Family. There will also be a raffle (tickets $2.00) and pocket cookbooks for sale (price $2.00). Raffle items will include a pair of Luminous Champagne Flutes, a Bountiful Beverage Pitcher, a Carriage House Lantern and a Hemingway Hurricane. So Ladies, gloss your lips, grab your purses and let’s party!
Mary Rutan 11528 W. Green Dr. Youngtown, 85363
Aunt Kathy

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Goodyear Gun's & Hose's Game to Benefit the Miller's

Mark your calendars for Saturday, Nov. 7th at 6:15 p.m. to join us for the Goodyear Gun's and Hose's Football Game to benefit the Miller's. The game will be at the new Goodyear Ballpark at Yuma and Estrella Parkway. Hope to see you there!

Aunt Kathy

Thanks Heather and Chick-fil-A Team

We had a great time at the Chick-fil-A Fundraiser on Friday night and I wanted to thank Heather and the Chick-fil-A team for a job well done!! It was awesome to see everyone and I so enjoyed hearing stories about Kim and what an inspiration she is to everyone who has crossed her path.

Aunt Kathy

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Reminder of Chick-fil-A Fundraiser on Friday

Hope to see everyone at the Chick-fil-A (Dysart & McDowell) Fundraiser this Friday, Oct. 9th from 5pm-8pm. 10% of all sales will go to the Miller's.

Aunt Kathy

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Pebble Creek Chic'Boutique, Hair and Make-up Make overs by Annette‏

Another one of Kim's awesome friends, Anette Niewiadowski has organized another wonderful fundraiser for the Miller's:
Thursday, Oct 29th, 2009
PebbleCreek - 3003 N. 164th Ave. Goodyear, AZ 85395
2:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.
Tuscany Falls Ballroom
Advance tickets $15.00 per person (e mail Annette at
$20.00 per person the door
Light refreshments & a glass of wine
Hair and Make-up Make overs by Annette
home decor
skin care
hair care
unique gifts
Tickets on Sale in the Pebble Creek Activities Office:
(623) 535-9854
No children please.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Kim's Birthday Pictures....

Happy Birthday Kim! The car wash was a success, and Deanna's Salon put on a Fantastic Fundraiser! As Kathy mentioned, we sang Happy Birthday to our Kimmy and gave her balloons! There was a dragon fly that hung around for a while, looking at all of us! What a wonderful moment that was! Kimmy was there in more ways than one!

Oct. 24th-Southern Living Party Proceeds Going to the Miller's

Ladies…let’s shop!
Saturday, October 24, at 5:00 in the evening we will be getting together in honor of Kim to participate in one of her favorite pastimes…shopping! Hosted by Becky Smith and Mary Rutan, the shopping soirée will include friends, food and beautiful household décor from Southern Living At Home. Catalogs will be made available at the party or for early browsing please visit Southern Living At Home is a home-based consulting business that offers attractive, well-made and versatile decorum that incorporates every decorating style. The home consultant earns twenty-five percent profit of the total merchandise purchased, all of which will be donated to the Miller Family. There will also be a raffle (tickets $2.00) and pocket cookbooks for sale (price $2.00). Raffle items will include a pair of Luminous Champagne Flutes, a Bountiful Beverage Pitcher, a Carriage House Lantern and a Hemingway Hurricane. So Ladies, gloss your lips, grab your purses and let’s party!
Mary Rutan 11528 W. Green Dr. Youngtown, 85363
Please RSVP To Becky Smith @

Monday, September 28, 2009

Chick-fil-A Fundraiser for the Miller's - Friday, Oct. 9th

Celebrate Kim’s Life & Legacy
Friday, Oct 9, 2009 5pm - 8pm
Join us for dinner at
Chick-fil-A in Goodyear
(Dysart & McDowell, Near Lowe’s)
10% of all dine-in and drive-thru sales
will be donated to The Kim Miller Benefit Fund
Benefit Account ~ Wells Fargo #2323878427

Hope to see you there!!
Aunt Kathy

Free 5K Run for Cancer - Saturday, Oct. 3rd

Michelle Widowski, one of Kim's friends, is doing a free 5K Run to raise money for the American Cancer Society in loving memory of her little brother David Baxter and Kim who both passed away from colon cancer, on Saturday, Oct. 3rd at 7:00 a.m. at Goodyear Park. Registration begins at 6:15 a.m. and there is no registration fee, only accepting donations to the American Cancer Society.

To reserve your spot, volunteer to help during the race or make a donation, please e mail Michelle at

Thanks Michelle for your kindness!!

Aunt Kathy

Saturday Fundraisers Hugely Successful

What an INCREDIBLE day Saturday was!! We had over 50 volunteers show up to wash cars and support the Miller's! Even in the blazing sun and over 100 degree temperatures, volunteers worked hard with smiles on their faces and were happy to be there to support Kim and her family. Once again, I am reminded of just how good people are!!

Special thanks go to Sammy for the endless hours she spent organizing and facilitating the most successful Car Wash I have ever been a part of. Ginger, thanks for the great idea and all your help as well! Thanks also go to Bev and her staff at Circle K for welcoming us with open arms and providing ice and many other things we needed. Big thanks to Olivia, who made wonderful pineapple upside down cake and sold it for donations. Thanks Natty for taking pictures once again (will post some when I get them from her). Lastly, thanks to Chick-fil-A for donating a tasty lunch for all the volunteers.

Also, special thanks to Deanna and Kassi from Salon De Cheveax for putting on an amazing
Fundraiser as well! What an adorable Salon and what nice stylists I met while there visiting. Deanna and Kassi also worked hard on getting great raffle prizes and the food that was in the middle of the Salon was wonderful!!

Family and Friends (at least 40 people), went to Holy Cross Cemetery after the Car Wash ended to sing Kim Happy Birthday (twice) and launch an incredible amount of balloons. What a special time this was for all!!

Lastly, family and friends went to the Miller's for a wonderful party to celebrate our wonderful day!!

Aunt Kathy

Friday, September 25, 2009

Candle Fundraiser Update

I just spoke with Heather to get an update on the Candle Fundraiser and our goal was to sell 700 candles and we are at 216 candles sold.

Heather has to turn in the order by Sunday and if you still have a packet, please bring the packet to the Car Wash tomorrow or contact Heather at (602) 908-8785.

If you still would like to purchase candles, I will have a packet at the Car Wash tomorrow and you can place your order with me.

Aunt Kathy

Article on Fund Raisers Tomorrow on

I wanted to let everyone know that there is an article on (link below) on the 2 Fund Raisers we are doing for the Miller's tomorrow:

Please support the Miller's by bringing your car to get washed or if you are a police/firefighter and/or spouse come get a free haircut.

Aunt Kathy

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Speeches From Kim's Funeral- Finally!

Kandus Mayberry (Cousin)- Eulogy
I am up here today to tell you Kim’s story. Kimberly was born to Joe and Nan Gwaltney on September 26, 1979. As a baby, Kim was quiet, happy and always right next to her brother. Growing up as a child, Kim was confident, outgoing and competitive. Kim was always very active and a great athlete. Kim first began playing softball at the age of 5. At the age of 12, Kim played for the Phoenix Storm where she was part of a team that won the ASA National Championship for softball. While in high school Kim began to focus on volleyball and her senior year she was Player of the Year. Kim played volleyball at Glendale Community College and in her 2nd year was awarded as the Arizona Community College Athletic Conference Player of the Year, along with being a NJCAA All American twice. After GCC, Kim signed with Auburn University. In May of 2000 Kim’s mother Nan was diagnosed with lymphoma cancer. Due to this, Kim decided to stay in Arizona.

Kim met Deron in April of 2000 while she was working for Jack Daniels. When Deron saw Kim for the first time, he said that he would marry Kim some day. Kim and Deron were married on November 12th, 2000. Dylan was born on May 25th, 2001 and Kyrstin was born on August 10th 2003. Kim’s family meant everything to her and they were her world.

Kim began to have back pain around July of last summer. I can still remember her complaining of back pain while we were in San Diego that summer for our annual family vacation. Kim thought nothing of the pain though and went to see her primary doctor. Kim went through numerous tests with various reasons for the pain given to her. Kim was admitted to the hospital on October 15th and was told that she was experiencing a gall bladder issue. Kim finally met Dr. Hector Rodriguez who felt that there were more tests that were needed. Kim called him her “angle doctor” as he was the one that discovered her cancer. On October 20, 2008, at the age of 29, Kim was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer. During this time, I had just moved to San Diego. I can remember my Mom calling me while all of this was going on, and I never would have imagined that something like this could happen. Being the same age as Kim, and also very active my whole life like Kim, I just did not understand. During this time, I began to look at life so much differently and started realizing what matters most in life. In the last few days, I have realized this more than ever.

Word began to spread quickly about Kim with constant calls and emails with people wondering what was going on. We could not believe the support that she was receiving and the number of people that wanted to help. During that time I had a friend send me a message about her Mom who was battling breast cancer, and a blog had been created for her. I thought a blog would be a great way to keep everyone up to date in regards to Kim’s journey and also a way to organize a fundraiser. Never would have I imagined how much Kim would run with this blog and be an inspiration to so many with her words. In Kim’s first posting she wrote, “I WILL beat this cancer!!! I am young, strong willed, confident and determined! This is just another trial in my life. Our Savior, our Lord is with me and will save me from this. I know good will come from this!” On average, Kim’s blog has 1,000 views per day.

As I have already mentioned, the amount of support that Kim started to receive when we created the blog was amazing. Right away everyone started joining together to help out the Miller family in any way that they could. A calendar was set up for those that wanted to bring meals to the Miller family. Thanks to Paula Lovejoy for all your help with this. A team was created for Kim for the Colon Cancer Walk, which Kim also participated in on November 15th. Thank you to Cher for organizing this. The first fundraiser was also held that same night as the Goodyear police department took on the Goodyear fire department in the Guns n Hoses Football game to benefit the Miller’s. This event was very touching for Kim as she wrote,

“I was called down onto the center of the field where everyone cheered for me. It got a bit emotional. Then out came the clippers. Deron lead his team in shaving his head for me since I will be bald with him very soon. What was so amazing was Paul Lovejoy (our dear friend from the Hoses team) started shaving Deron's head and then Deron shaved Paul's head. After that, the lines formed. Most everyone from the Police team and the Fire team all got down and shaved their heads for me. Men on the Fire team would get their heads shaved and then come and introduce themselves to me because we had never met. Men that have never met me, never thought twice and shaved their heads in honor of my fight. I was so touched. So much of my family was there and they couldn't believe what they were was so awesome! I can't express correctly my gratitude to everyone last night...Chad Waltz especially for putting on the entire event. Thank you Chad!”

A bowling fundraiser was held on November 22nd for the Miller Family which was a huge success. We had over 200 bowlers, 105 auction items, and raised $17,000. There were many people that spent many hours on this and also many that donated auction items and we thank you so much for this. A big thanks also goes out to the committee that planned the event! Kim was greatly moved by the bowl a thon and wrote,

“When I entered the bowling alley I was then greeted by the amazing team that volunteered their day to benefit my family. As I continued in to actually see the bowling alley, I was brought to tears by the amount of people that were already there bowling, eating, and signing up for the silent auction items. My aunts took me to the back so I could have my moment. I am still blown away at everyone I saw...a lot of you I know...and so many of you I did not know. I had people coming up to me that saw my story in the newspaper that had no clue who I was before, giving me cards with wonderful thoughts, prayers, and donations. I could never thank you all enough for all the hard work put in to this event and the tremendous turn out. We have been praying for a financial blessing to help us through these times...well, our wonderful Lord has answered that prayer. He had all of you show up to support us. Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”

Sentimental Journey put on a benefit concert for Kim on January 31st. Thanks to everyone that participated in this event. A yard sale was held at Kristin’s house on Feb. 28th. Thanks to everyone that donated items for this event and thank you to Kristin and Eli for opening your home. Kim was featured on KPHO through the “Pay it Forward” program where the Waltz Family made it possible for the Miller family to go on our annual family vacation to San Diego. Thanks so much to the Drucker and Smith Family as well for your donation of cash and the wonderful gifts you provided to everyone in the Miller family to enjoy in San Diego. We were so happy that Kim was able to make it to San Diego for the family trip, and we cherished this time with Kim and the times that she was able to make it out to the beach. While there, we also took pictures as a family at the pier. Natalie thanks so much for doing this! You truly are amazing! This was a very emotional time for everyone and will be a day that will never be forgotten.

Kim transferred to the Cancer Treatment Centers of America towards the end of July. We were so happy to have her at this amazing place which also had a very positive spirit to it. During this time, Kim had visitor after visitor with her room constantly being full of people. The security guard there said that he had never seen anyone with so many visitors and that Kim was almost like a celebrity. Natalie also began to post pictures on the blog of each person that came to see Kim during this time. Even though Kim was pretty sick during this time, she remained happy and so thankful. It was during this time that everyone really got to spend time with Kim and reflect on her life. It is this time that I think everyone will remember the most. Thanks so much to everyone that came to visit Kim while she was at the Cancer Center!

On August 8th, the Alumni of Glendale Community College and Kim’s coaches put on a Volleyball benefit camp which was a huge success. Her former team also visited her at the Cancer Center after the benefit.

Kim and I both grew up in Glendale, but we went to different grade schools. We both grew up playing sports in the same area but played on different teams for the most part except for softball and soccer together when we were in grade school. I did know that some of my friends that I grew up with played softball and volleyball with Kim, including my best friend that played softball with Kim. However, I did not actually realize how many of the same girls that we knew until this last year. Throughout this journey, Kim’s teammates and friends have been right there doing whatever they could do to help. This included offering support and prayers, taking part in the various fundraisers, and coming to visit Kim at the hospital. Being an active young female and seeing something like this happen to someone like you is very eye opening. Just like when we were girls and women playing together on teams, everyone stepped up to help Kim with her fight. Like Kim, we chose to believe and not give up, and continued to pray for her. Being an athlete, you learn so much about life and how to fight, which is something that we all have in common. I truly believe that Kim’s attitude, strength and determination was partly due to her being an athlete and being part of a team. Thanks so much to all of the women that Kim played sports with growing up that have showed their support and that are here today. I know that her experience will inspire all of us to make a difference. I also hope that we will join together to continue on with Kim’s fight against cancer in the years ahead.

Kim’s fight began pretty smoothly with chemo treatments every 2 weeks. However, she began to experience more bumps in the road as time went by. Each time something happened, I would get a call from my Mom. My Mom would tell me what was happening and every time I would search for the positive. At times she would give me discouraging news from the doctors, and I would always tell her that you cannot believe everything that the doctors say. I truly believed that Kim would fight and overcome cancer. I believed this so much that I did not come home from San Diego when my Mom called me the night before Kim passed to tell me she wasn’t doing so well. I would get so frustrated and angry whenever someone talked as though Kim was not going to make it. Kim also would get frustrated and mad when anyone ever questioned her surviving. Kim refused to give up and knew that she could not give in to cancer. I believed that Kim’s attitude and determination would get her through, and for the most part, she got through almost every obstacle presented to her. Every time she got knocked down, she would get right back up. I also believe that Kim would not have made it through her struggles without the support and prayers that Kim received. Kim, I so admire you for your fight and I know that there are so many other people out there that were also inspired by you.

To my family-
During the last year, we also lost Grandpa Keith and Smitty to cancer who were also diagnosed with cancer around the same time as Kim. We have been through far too many challenges as a family with this being the hardest of all so far. We must however understand that we are meant to grow and learn with every hardship that we encounter and we must believe that everything happens for a reason. Despite going through one thing after another, we continue to overcome adversity. At one point Kim wrote on her blog, “This experience has already brought so much good to my life as well as to my family's.” I guarantee we are a better family and better people after every challenge that we face. Today I challenge my family to continue to make a difference through Kim. We must not let her be forgotten and we must continue to live through her fight. I challenge you to find your own way to fight cancer, and I challenge my family to join together in continuing to support the fight against cancer.

Kim is Gone
You can shed tears that Kim is gone
Or you can smile because she has lived

You can close your eyes and pray that Kim will come back
Or you can open your eyes and see all she’s left

Your heart can be empty because you can’t see Kim
Or you can be full of the love you shared

You can turn your back on tomorrow and live yesterday
Or you can be happy for tomorrow because of yesterday

You can remember Kim and only that she’s gone
Or you can cherish her memory and let it live on

You can cry and close your mind, be empty and turn your back
Or you can do what Kim would want: smile, open your eyes, love, and go on.

Kim will forever have an impact on those that she knew. Kim touched the heart of everyone that she met, and also so many people that only knew her through her blog. As much pain as we are feeling right now, we all know that Kim is smiling down on us and would not want us to be sad. God had a plan for Kim and Kim’s life purpose was to be an inspiration to so many others. The bible says, “There is an appointed time for everything. And there is a time for every event under heaven….He has made everything appropriate in its time.

Kim is now an angel among us and will always be here for her family and friends. Kim is playing on God’s team now, and we must accept and believe this and think of joy when we think of her. Kim will forever be missed but her memory will live on forever.

Don’t think of Kim as gone away-
Her journey’s just begun
Life holds so many facets
This earth is only one.
Just think of her resting
From the sorrows and the tears
In a place of warmth and comfort
Where there are no days and years
Think how she must be wishing
That we could know today
How nothing but our sadness
Can really pass away
And think of her as living
In the hearts of those she touched
For nothing loved is ever lost
And she was loved so much

Kim I did not get to see you in your last days so during this time I would like to close by saying, “I promise to make sure that your children know that you are an angel that will forever be with them. I love you, you will always be in my heart, and I will never forget you.”

Kristin Milstead (Cousin)

Back in January I found out I was pregnant. I couldn’t help but feel a lil guilty having this blessing while my cousin was fighting for her life. But this feeling soon faded because Kim was so happy for me.

As my belly began to grow; I became accustomed to belly rubs from Kim. I also became accustomed to baring my big belly for all to see and I did this for you Kim; your smile when you looked at my bare Buda belly was all worth it. Sorry to those that I offended from the excessive belly exposure. Whenever Kim would see me she would have her hands stretched out and be saying let me have that belly. Constant complements from Kim about my belly is all I ever heard from her and this is all while she wasn’t feeling good. Kim could be so sick and she still had stretched out hands to rub my belly.

A few weeks ago as I was getting ready to visit Kim, I realized that I had some lovely stretch marks on my belly…. the same belly that Kim so loved. I knew this would be a topic to discuss with Kim. As Kim was rubbing my belly, I told her of my new found stretch marks and I wish you have seen us . Kim was about an inch from my belly, delicately inspecting and a lil loopy from pain meds telling me I was crazy and she said in fact sit here and leave your shirt up so I can just stare at your belly.

I know that Kim would want me to thank our family. Kim was so proud of her family. Her eyes lit up when any family member entered the room. So thank you from Kim to our uncles for your continued, rock solid, manly support. Thank you to our aunts from Kim for your continued medical advice, help with new found hair dews and for being there for Nan. Thank you to our awesome cousins! I know that Kim is so proud of each one of her cousins. We never let her fight alone and were even lucky enough to celebrate a cousin’s party with Kim a few weeks ago.

Nan and Joe your strength has been amazing and your dedication to Kim was noticed by all. Scott your compassion for Kim was unlike any other and Kim knows that if you could have taken her place you would have. Deron, you lived your wedding vows of in sickness and in health. You never left Kim’s side.

Kim, a few months ago you said to me….I can’t wait to see the baby’s eyes. What color will they be? Will they have your green eyes or Eli’s blue? Well Kim, I know you’ve already seen the baby’s eyes because I feel your presence watching over the baby. I know this baby has a very special guardian angel…you Kim

So Kim until we meet again….help us all to remember the all the good memories. Visit us in a passing butterfly, a gentle breeze and of course please visit us in our dreams.

I love you

Mike Jessen (Uncle)
Kim is my beautiful niece. I am almost 30 years older than her. I am supposed to be the teacher, with all the Wisdom, but as life plays out Kim is the teacher, and I am the student. She Taught me two things that standout in front of me. Her faith in God and true beauty. Her faith in God is relentless, so powerful she never questioned god plan for her. She never got mad and asked why me. She just kept smiling. Her faith was so strong that I would tease her and say okay you pray for me, you don’t need my prayers, I need yours. She would just smile and hold my hand. Kim reinforced my faith in God. Once again she taught me what true faith is.

Kim is God giving beauty; she wore it so very well. As we all know when Kim walked out on the beach in San Diego or into a room full of her friends she would light everything up like a full moon on a warm summer night.

I saw Kim’s beauty again about 3 weeks ago, my son Daniel and I were hiking in Colorado. We sat down by a lake, elevation about 12,000 feet. It was very peaceful and quite, snow capped mountain tops, the rocks all around us sparkled, multicolored flower, all this beauty sat in a little green valley. As Daniel and I sat there, I looked out into the prettiest clear blue water. My surroundings were so beautiful. I thought of Kim. I thought of her for so long that I saw her reflection in that beautiful clear blue water. Once again Kim taught me true beauty. On another night while camping, I stuck my head out of my sleeping bag around midnight or so. The moon was full, the stars sparkled. I thought of Kim again. Today when we lay Kim to rest the moon is in its full cycle again as it was when I was camping. In the Native American Indian culture, that means Kim and I have a special bond forever.

My own Dad has a saying. If you have one true friend in this world that will stand by you thru thick and thin you are truly rich. Kim is truly rich, her family and friends were by her side the night and day of her passing. I do believe it was not only comforting to her but all of us as well. She had her husband Deron, lifelong friends, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Mom, Dad, and her Brother there thru the night. Some slept near her bed, some slept in the hallway, even on the hard wood floor, never leaving her alone for a moment. She taught me a true lesson before she went to heaven. As we all stood by her bed and looked into her big, beautiful soft eyes. Without words she sent us all a message to keep living, loving, and laughing... That is the way she lived her life until the end. For her family she sent a very special message, I am happy, safe, and in no more pain. We will meet again.

Joe, you are a fine father, you have a quite strength. Nan, a very loving and caring mother. Scott, a gentle brother, Kim carried all these fine qualities with her.

Deron, watching your commitment in caring for Kim is an inspiration; you are such a devoted and loving husband and father. We are so very proud of you. Remember my friend its ok to cry it will make your armor shine. Always know Deron that our family will be there for you, Dylan, and Kyrstin (Kiki) and Deanna there is nothing that we all would not do to help and protect you.
I am so proud of my family, we had a hard year. Letting go of some of are loved ones, and now our precious Kim. It seems like every time we turn around there is a funeral for one of our family members, but I like to think that God made us like a Mighty Oak Tree, you can knock some bark off of us, but we will weather the storm, we will still be standing tall. We will endure as long as we stay together as a family and keep our faith In God.

I would like to take a moment to explain this bear (holding on up to the audience) One will be sent with Kim, and to you Deron, Joe, Nan, Scott, Dylan, Kiki and Deanna if you are lonely and missing her this will give you comfort. Just hold this bear close to your heart and know that she is always with you.

In closing this is for our Lovely Nan, Nan I found these words, and I feel in my heart Kim would say this to you. Remember Mom, HEALING DOES NOT ALWAYS MEAN STAYING ON THE SIDE OF LIFE. SOMETIMES GOD HAS OTHER PLANS FOR HIS CHILDREN AND BOTH SIDES OF LIFE ARE REALLY ONE. GOOD BLESS YOU MOM, I LOVE YOU.

Kathy Mayberry (Aunt)
To All You Bloggers Out There - It’s Aunt Kathy Here with a Very Important Update:
Kim, you fought a courageous battle the last 10 months and I know in your eyes you feel like you lost the war, but I want you to believe that it doesn’t matter if you win or lose, it is all in how you play the game and my dear sweet niece, you played the game better than most people could of done, including myself, and I salute you for a job well done.

The others that have spoke before me did a great job explaining what an incredible person you are, so I won’t repeat the many attributes you have and how much you mean to all who have crossed your path, I will give some examples of how you always walked the walk versus talked the talk in demonstrating what a positive inspirational person you are.

From day one of this horrible diagnosis and prognosis you were given, you never once said that you could not fight this ugly beast. I remember the day you got the horrible news in October and believe me, I wish it wasn’t on my birthday, you shed a few tears and then said to me, “okay tell me what I need to do to conquer this battle and I will do it with every ounce of my heart and soul”. I can’t leave my babies, my husband and my wonderful family.

I remember the day we found out that you couldn’t have your liver resection and colon tumor removal surgery because the cancer had gone crazy in your body further attacking your lungs and growing much larger in your colon; you looked up at me and said, “at least my liver is okay”. No matter what bad news you got, you always found something positive to say and focus on. I saw this over and over and couldn’t believe that someone so young could have such an incredible outlook in the worst of times and situations.

The other story I would like to tell is, how a couple of days before your passing, you put your own grief of hearing the terrible results of your most recent scans on hold to come to the aid of another cancer patient that you had met in CTCA. A group of us had you in the wheelchair taking you outside to enjoy the fountain, when we passed by Melissa’s room (a 31 year old gal with stage 4 lung cancer). You heard Melissa crying and you asked Deron to stop and push you into Melissa’s room. You asked her what was wrong and she said, “I got some bad news just now from my oncologist that the oral chemotherapy I am on is not working and I need to go back on aggressive, nasty IV Chemo with terrible side effects and I need another back surgery because I fractured another vertebrae in my back”. You tell Deron, “Push me closer so I can hold Melissa and you almost fall out of the wheelchair to get closer to Melissa to hug her”. You tell Melissa, “I got bad news today as well that my lungs are much worse, but I know we both can continue to fight and we will win the war”. You then ask Melissa if she wants to go with us outside to the fountain and we load Melissa up in her wheelchair and off we went. I think this story tells it all about what a kind, compassionate person you are and how you always put others before your own needs and wants.

Kim, I cannot adequately express how much we all love you and how much we will miss seeing those facial expressions of yours. The good news is that Ki Ki looks just like you and can give us those same facial expressions and the bad news is she also has that sharp tongue and attitude that we have come to know and love with you as well.

I saw this attitude in you when we were in San Diego on vacation when you were 16 and in Ki Ki the day of your passing. I had allowed you and Kandus to get a tattoo without talking to Kirby before hand to get his approval. This was the maddest I had ever seen Kirby in all the years of our marriage. Kandus has a fear of needles and I thought if I said okay on the place (low abdomen, out of sight), that she would probably never do it again in a more visible location. You had called your parents and you had their permission, but uncle Kirby was still very angry. I can still see you standing there with your hands on your hips telling Kirby that he wasn’t your dad and he needed to chill out and then you went off on a long walk. I can see us reminiscing in the hospital last week and I can still see you saying, “Sorry uncle Kirby”. I saw this attitude in Ki Ki when immediately after you passed Deron told her that mommy had gone to heaven and she said, “no she didn’t, she is right there!”

Deron, I hope you know how much I love you and appreciate what a great job you did taking care of Kim the last couple of months. Just know that Kirby and I will always be there for you and the kids and have faith that you will get through this horrible devastating ordeal and find happiness once again.

My dear sister, Nan, I have never seen a mother-daughter bond quite like yours and Kim’s and I know that you feel like your heart and soul has been ripped from your chest, but you must move on and accept that God needs Kim in heaven right now more than he needs her here with us. You are so blessed to have Scott and his children and Dylan and Ki Ki to love and take care of. Deron is going to need you and Joe so much and I know that if they can’t have their momma, you guys are the next best thing….how much fun you are going to have!!

God, now I want to talk to you….I would like to get Whitney Murphy Funeral Home out of my phone speed dial. If Whitney Murphy had a frequent flyer program, I should have a free funeral by now. I have organized and facilitated 3 funerals in the last 8 months and I think it is time for you to go to some other family to get people to help you up there! We have given you some of our best and we have had enough!!

Kim, it has been my honor and pleasure to be your aunt and most importantly, your friend. Say hello to my brother, Mike, the Old Folks, Keith and Smitty and I look forward to seeing you again in a place where there is no pain and suffering and beauty beyond belief.

Samantha Weatherbee (Close Friend)
Kimberly Marie Gwaltney became my friend simply because her brother takes way too long to style his hair & get ready to go somewhere. Because of that little happen stance alone I am blessed beyond measure, thank you Scotty!

Kim & I ate grilled cheese sandwiches & tater tots at her work, made 11 pm runs to Safeway to get ice cream & Mother's bite size chocolate chip cookies, buckled a truck bumper on a huge rock, that should never had been put there I assure you, oh and please don't tell Mr. Gwaltney that's what really happened the parking lot story is working perfectly!

I got to help teach her to drive stick shift in my car, so she could drive Scotty's new eclipse before he could learn how to drive it, her words not mine! We worked out together, went shopping together, fought her mom's cancer together, we ate 3 rolled tacos with Nan after Midnight Mass, help to plan her wedding to Deron, carpooled to work together when she was pregnant with Dylan, and were late to work together A LOT! when she was pregnant with Dylan! I found Kimmy as a Catalyst for LIFE & these are just a few of the wonderful experiences I shared with her!

Shortly after Kimberly became Mrs. Deron Miller she honored me by being my Matron of Honor in my wedding. Little did we know the role she would play in my marriage, walk with God, or that I agreed to move to as she called it "Mexico" after my wedding!

Throughout Kimmy's valiant fight with colon cancer my prayer for her was that God would give us a miracle of healing so Kimmy's experience & strength would stand as a testament to Gods Power & Love! Prayers are answered in ways we do not always foresee.

As I stand here & look out at all of you I see God has granted my prayer, he has healed her souls suffering & her testimony of his Power & Love are spoken by all of us now & in the days to follow. Kim's Joy & Grace is what drew us to her, but her Love & Light keeps us together! I find these qualities written in Matthew Chapter 5: Verses 14 -16
"You are the light of the world” - like a city on a hilltop that cannot be hidden. No one lights a lamp & then puts it under a basket. Instead, a lamp is placed on stand, where it gives light to everyone in the house. In the same way, let your good deeds shine out for all to see, so that everyone will praise your heavenly Father.

Kimberly Miller always had an ear to listen, words of support, & an understanding way to accept you as you came, FREE from Judgment! I believe this is shown in Just the number of people that call her friend & how many looked on her as their BEST- Friend! In all the world I believe you could not find another person with so many!It is because of the Light & Love she casts into our lives, her Faith in all things & the testimony that God does give us Strength, Mercy & sees us through all of our Days!

Kim's FAITH comforts me in so many ways, & what stands out the most is when faced with immeasurable obstacles it is Kimberly Millers Faith that never wavered! Her spunk stood out, from her French Fry Nibbling to her reminders that "Secrets Don't Make Friends"!

Kim would stand & fight, she took on every challenge with Love, Honor, Strength, Grace, & the Knowledge that God was right there with her. As it is written in Matthew Chapter 5: Verses 4, 7 - 8
God blesses those who mourn, for they will be Comforted. God blesses those who are merciful, for they will be shown Mercy. God blesses those whose hearts are pure, for THEY WILL SEE GOD! I have Peace knowing Kimmy rests in the hands of our Lord God in Heaven, I am BLESSED because I can call her Friend, & I have Hope because I see all Kim's wonderful qualities in her Children: Kyrstin, Dylan, Deanna, & Daniel, Husband, Family & Friends!

Natalie Montez (Close Friend)
When I think back of all the memories I have of Kim, I always think of the first time I met Kim, and the impression I got of her. Just like all of the other athletes Kim played with, I'm sure our first memories of meeting Kim are the same. Kim was either half naked or fully naked!!! Sorry to put you on blast Kim, but I'm sure you don't mind! It amazed me how confident this girl was! Not just with her sports, but with her life in general! We, Kim's friends, would also often find her putting her make up on and doing her hair, naked! Kim never got intimidated and never let any obstacle get in her way! Not even this battle with cancer. She took on the news she received in October of 2008, and was ready to fight! After her first round of Chemo, at Mayo, Erin and I sat there and talked with her for a while. She said, “I've never said why me... Why the heck NOT me!?” Erin and I knew that this was the beginning of her fearless-brave battle! She is so amazing! Not only being physically strong, Kim was incredibly mentally strong!!! She prepared herself to birth her two children all natural! That means, NO MEDS! I have to say that it didn't completely shock me that she was able to do it, but that it only made me respect her even more with how strong she is!

I can go on and on with stories of how impressive and accomplished Kim lived her life, but at this time, I would like to focus more on this past year. Kim defined her life more than ever, and I will always stand amazed when I remember her. The past 10 months went by so fast! Along with all of her friends and family, I feel so honored and blessed to have been able to see her so much! Especially over the past 3 months. My favorite days were my “Kimmy days”. I feel so blessed and lucky that I was able to change my work schedule, to be able to see Kim everyday! The few days I couldn't make it were the days that were filled with complete anxiety, and stress. All I could think about was being at the hospital with Kim. She brought me peace! And she always found ways to make everyone laugh and lighten up! Every visit was the same. You finally get to the hospital and park your car. Then the walk from the parking lot to the building took forever! Thank goodness she was only on the 2nd floor, so it was a short elevator ride! But then you turn the corner and get hit by “the longest hallway ever” !!!! I remember always trying to act like I was calm and trying to walk slow, but probably looked like I was in a race with 20 other people!! You finally reached the end of the hallway, and get to turn the corner and see room #213! And there she was! There was our Kimmy! If she was awake, you would faithfully hear her famous sounding “hellooooo”! It was only then, when my heart would stop racing, and I could finally relax! I can honestly say, I became addicted to loving and serving Kim. It was the only thing I wanted to spend my days doing. I will always cherish my time I had with her, just like all the others who were able to visit her.

The last few days of Kimmy’s life were some of the most spiritual days I've ever experienced! Thank you to Kim's family for letting us (Erin, Randi, and Laura), to be a part of Kims life, especially during the past 3 months! We feel as we are a part of the family now! Thank you for loving and accepting us, as Kim would! August 26th, was a hard day for Kimmy. Everyone knew something was up and things were taking a turn for the worse. Deron and Aunt Karrie told me to make some calls to those family and friends that they wanted at the hospital. When everyone had arrived, I will never forget how powerful it felt to have everyone’s love for Kim all in the one room! No one wanted to leave Kim’s side. And we didn't! There were about 20-25 of us all night scattered around her bedside. Sleeping upright in chairs, or on the floor halfway on top of each other, just trying to stay close to Kim (us volleyball girls felt at home for we grew up sleeping on wood floors at tournaments in the gym). I still have a clear vision of Uncle Mitch curled up in a ball on a small couch, and his Fireman boots lying on the floor in front of him. Kim's entourage was EVERYWHERE! We owned the second floor of the CTCA! I would give anything to be able to be right back on that wood floor in room 213, just to hear her breathe! I don't think CTCA knew what they were dealing with! The Doctors and Nurses were so incredible! They fell in love with Kim, and knew what a special girl she was, and understood why we didn't want leave her side!

The day of her passing was bitter sweet! I feel I had witnessed one of the most spiritual things in my life! When Kim knew she was done, she let us know. That experience was so special, and I am so grateful I got to share that with her, and her friends and family! She was so brave! She was ready to go to her Father in Heaven. And with Grace she did.....She fought with confidence and dignity, and never gave up! She will forever be my hero! Robyn McDowell, one of Kim's college coaches, sent me a text that gave me immediate peace. “Kim had to go through almost a of year of pain on and off, It's better that we have the pain now, rather than her”

It was an honor to have photographed Kim's life over the past 10 years! She was one of my most faithful favorite clients! I told Kim that she was my #1 fan! And I truly believe she was! Thank you for always believing in me Kim! I love you! Scott and Cheryl said that Kim is still my #1 fan up in Heaven, and that they will gladly take over down here! Thank you Scott and Cher! I love you so much!

I would like to leave you with one of the things Kimmy always said, at least 2 times a day!!! It was said when “you thought” she wasn't listening to you, or when she just couldn't hear you, and had to make sure we knew she wanted to know what was being said! With her cute little sassy attitude... she would say, “Secrets don't make friends”.

We love you Kim! We will miss you every day, but we are so happy you are healthy and strong again!

Reminder of Fund Raisers on Saturday - Need Volunteers

Hope to see everyone at the Benefit Car Wash and/or Salon De Cheveux Fund Raisers this Saturday, Sept. 26th. Please scroll down to get all the details below. We are still in need of volunteers to wash cars. Even if you can only give us an hour or two, we would be grateful. Please e mail Sammy at or give her a call at (480) 766-6795 if you can help in any way.

Aunt Kathy

Monday, September 21, 2009

Pictures of Beautiful Kimber Grace

Baby Kimber Grace - 15 minutes old.
Kristin and Kimber Grace - 20 minutes old.

Eli and Kimber Grace - 25 minutes old.

Grandma Karrie and Kimber Grace - 30 minutes old.

Kristin and Eli took beautiful Kimber Grace home yesterday and what a joy it was to see Kimber in her newly decorated room (my sister, Karrie who decorated the room, should be a professional decorator) and what a good baby she is! Family joined at Kristin and Eli's last night to celebrate Kristin's birthday and Kimber hardly made a peep. Of course we all fought over who got to hold Kimber, but I won and had the most holding time.
Today is Kristin's official birthday...Happy Birthday Mommy!! I'm sure you will agree that Kimber is the best and most special birthday present you have ever received!!!
By the way, guess who is holding Kimber in the first picture? It is me Aunt Kathy (as I get older I like pictures where you can't see me better...don't my hands look great!!).
Aunt Kathy

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Baby Kimber Grace Is Here

A very ecstatic Aunt Kathy here to announce that Kristin (Kim's cousin) and Eli are the proud parents of a beautiful baby girl named after Kimmy....Kimber Grace. Kristin's labor and delivery couldn't of been more perfect (she was a total ROCKSTAR), and baby Kimber has big beautiful blue eyes and tons of dark curly hair and weighed in at 6 lbs, 13.5 oz and is 21.5 inches long. Big baby for a gal who is 5'2. I was blessed to be present for the labor and delivery along with Kristin's Mom - Karrie, Aunt Tracy, Eli's Mom - Louisa, Kristin's friend - Tara and last and certainly not least, Eli. Eli was also a ROCKSTAR and never left Kristin's bedside for the total 15 hour (6 p.m. to 9:00 a.m.) amazing experience....he wouldn't even close his eyes or eat anything and Eli loves to eat. The men of the family (Mike, Daniel, Kirby, Jim) were in the room, but behind the curtains, couldn't see everything (Daniel was the biggest "peeker"), but could hear everything.

Nan made it to the hospital soon after Kimber was born and we all cried together and thanked God for this incredible gift and knew Kimmy was right there beside us and would be Kimber's guardian angel and #1 fan.

Baby and Mom are doing well and I will post some pictures soon.

Once again, God is sooooooo good!!

Aunt Kathy

Thursday, September 17, 2009

I know there is A LOT going on, and I have honestly been waiting for things to slow down a bit before I posted...but it doesn't seem it will and I need/want to get the info out there!!

I talked to Nan (a while ago now) and we thought it would be awesome to do the Undy 5000 as a joint team. I started a team a few months ago in memory of my we just figured we'd join forces in the fight against colon cancer!!

Our team name is:

Rodgers' Rumps & Kim's Keesters

This year the Undy 5000 will beheld on Saturay November 21st, 2009 in downtown Phoenix.

I am super excited about this and can't wait to do this as one giant family joined together to kick cancer's ass!!

Click here to join our team!! (I will also place a link button in the side bar)

I will also be posting more details as we get closer!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Salon De Cheveux Fund Raiser - Sept. 26th

Salon De Cheveux located at:
790 N Estrella Pkwy Ste B Goodyear 85338
Is having a fund raiser for the Kim Miller Benefit Fund on Kim's birthday, September 26, 2009 starting at 9:00 am until 4:00pm. They will be doing free hair cuts all day long for Police Officers/ Firefighters and their spouses!!! They will also have a donation box where people can donate money and you can purchase a raffle ticket to win prizes and 100% of the raffle gets donated. No appointments will be necessary.

Thanks go to Deanna (Kim's 18 year old daughter), for her tremendous efforts in organizing this fund raiser. Well done Deanna.....we are so proud of you and the wonderful young lady you have become!!

Aunt Kathy

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Apollo Fundraiser a Huge Success and Very Touching

What a wonderful night at Apollo for all family and friends!! Special thanks go to Janet Reiman (Kim's friend and volleyball teammate from Apollo) and Coach Silvernail (Kim's high school volleyball coach) for their kindness and efforts putting this very enjoyable night together.

Also, thanks go to Heather (sold candles), Michelle (had colon cancer awareness table) and Beth for doing a raffle that raised some additional $.

Listed below is the speech Janet gave prior to the football game. Janet and Coach Silvernail did a presentation on the field to Nan, Joe, Scott, Ki Ki, Dylan and Landyn. He presented them with Kim's old volleyball jersey (he had kept it since 1998 and no one else had ever worn it) and a video tape of Kim's senior night volleyball game. We all can't wait to watch it!!

Here is Janet's presentation:
Hello and welcome to the home opener game where the Apollo Hawks will take on the Sunrise Mountain Mustangs. Tonight not only are we celebrating the beginning of a new football season, we have the opportunity to celebrate a very special life. Kim Gwaltney graduated from Apollo in 1998. She was an amazing softball and volleyball player. She was always the “go to” player and she rarely, if ever, let one of her coaches down. Not only was she amazing on the field and court, she was a great friend to many and always held that perfect smile and positive attitude. There are so many memories that young kids share in high school and I know many of us here have our own special story and place for her in our heart. Kim recently lost her battle with colon cancer just 10 months after being diagnosed at the age of 29. She was a wonderful wife to her husband, Deron Miller, and mother to their two kids Dylan 8 and Kiki 6. Some of her other titles include a wonderful sister, daughter, cousin, aunt and friend to many. Tonight we are helping raise funds for her young family who have endured many unexpected bills. Thank you to the booster club for allowing us to raise funds through the tailgate party and we are also taking donations in any amount at the colon cancer awareness table to help her family. I know one thing that Kim would want is for us to spread awareness on colon cancer. You will see throughout the stands the blue colon cancer ribbons and you can also find colon cancer facts and information at the awareness table by the entry gate. You can never be tested too early. I don’t think any of us thought we would be attending any classmate’s memorial so early in life, we are going to miss her dearly and we will always remember the amazing times we had with her here at this school and even in these stands. I would like to ask Kim’s parents, Nan and Joe, onto the field. I remember during volleyball season Kim was always so proud of her family and she always wanted the team dinners to be at her house, so her mom could cook for us all. Nan and Joe, Coach Silvernail would like to present you with Kim’s senior volleyball jersey and also a tape of our senior volleyball night. We admire your strength and we know this is going to be a tough road, but you can always plug in the tape to remember your competitive Kim and all the fun times we had on the court. Thank you to everyone for being here tonight to help the cause and to cheer on our Apollo Hawks.

Thanks to those who came out to this event to support the Miller's/Gwaltney's!
Aunt Kathy