Saturday, November 21, 2009

Busy Day!

My lil Kimber is off to sleep....and Oh yes, it is nearly midnight and Im thinking of Kim. I miss her so much! It's hard to be at family gatherings and see that Kim is not physically with us. My mind drifts back to when we are all together and I think of Kim sitting with us....I look at Nan and my heart hurts but at the same time Im overwhelmed with how proud I am of her because she is so strong!
The Undy5000 was this morning and Randi did such an awesome job being the team captain! Our family also celebrated cousin Kandus's Birthday this was a long day spent with family and friends....friends that Kim brought together.
I keep thinking of this time that I spent the night with Kim after a chemo appointment and morning came and I kept saying to Kim, I dont want to get up (its like 7am) and Kim said then dont and it was that easy.....I pulled my covers back over my head and we slept in.....The bed was so cozy and looking back Im so thankful I did sleep in. I was ready to rush off and start the day and it was Kim who reminded me to slow down.....sleep in....dont worry.
and I think of the times that Kim would be sick from Chemo and her response was I dont like throwing up and it was followed by a smile......a smile! Never why me? or poor me. I admire her so much!
and of course I think of the belly rubs from Kim on my pregnant belly....I now look at my daughter and cant wait to tell her who she is named after. Oh and PS...Kim had no epidurals for the birth of her babies. When I was in labor I thought of Kim a lot and again was blown away by her strength! No epidural! Thats our Kim!

I love you Kim!

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