Friday, November 27, 2009

I Love Our Family

Thanksgiving was for sure a big change for all of us...Our Kim wasnt there (at least not physically) and Thanksgiving is usually celebrated at the Mayberry's (Aunt Kathy's) This year it was at my parents (Uncle Mike and Aunt Karrie) so it was interesting to hear everyones reaction to how far they had to drive....they live in CaveCreek.
It was a really nice day. It was fun to have a fire going in the back yard (in a fire pit) even more fun to act like we actually needed a fire! Gotta love Arizona's winter temps!
As the night went on, my dad wasnt feeling well and this was very scary because my dad (Uncle Mike to Kim) is someone that could survive on dirt and water. We always joke that he will do manual labor for horse hay and water! But when he admitted he didnt feel well; we all forced him to go to the hospital.
After blood work, a CT scan and an MRI things turned out to be OK. Just some dehydration. Uhh could this possibly be from his excessive cardio and workouts he does and the new found diet which was vegan! ya! that will do it! I recommend sticking to an all seafood diet.....when you see food, you eat it!!!! (that was from a movie; Im not that funny)
With everything that we have been through with Kim, the family didnt want to risk waiting to see if anything was wrong with my dad so there we were, my mom, aunt Kathy, uncle Mitch and myself sitting in an ER room waiting....praying that everything was OK.
It brought up bad memories and I even thought, "I hate hospitals" and Im a nurse! But I was thinking of Kim......thats what made me feel that way.
My bad memories faded when Nan and Vinny entered the Emergency Room. There was Nan...who had just celebrated her first Thanksgiving without her daughter and again I was blown away by her calmness. She explained to my dad to ask Kim to be with him and draw strength from Kim. Vinny said one of his prayers.....his prayers are amazing!
My dad had to stay the night for observation and as we were leaving, (by this time it was my mom and Nan and I) I said I cant leave.....Nan decided to stay with him for a bit longer. uhh till after 2am!
When I got home, I walked into Kimbers room and whispered "I love you" and I went on Kims blog and cried a lil. OK a lot. I was trying to understand why Kim is gone. But then I knew Kim was watching over my dad....watching over all of us and I went to bed relaxed.
I love you family!
I love you Kim!
Happy first Thanksgiving in Heaven!
Oh...just want to mention that Cher (Kim's sister in law) in due in six weeks and couldnt be cuter! has the most perfect round tummy! Cant wait to meet baby Jenner!


Rebecca said...

Kim has a huge job in heaven! I draw strength from her also and I am in Idaho!
She was one amazing lady and loved by all!

Smathers House of Girls said...

I never met her but I miss her blogs and was always so inspired by her strength.