Monday, June 28, 2010

Aunt Kathy Here

Thanks Randi for your very touching post! I always enjoy hearing from have such a rare gift of being able to express yourself so incredibly well. Sure miss seeing you and all of Kim's wonderful dear friends. We should all try and get together soon...I know Nan would enjoy seeing you all as well.

I agree that it is awesome how well Deron and the kids are doing and Natty certainly plays a big role in their happiness and well being. I know Natty will keep Kim's memory alive and well and I am also thankful for that.

Looking forward to the Undy 5000 and appreciate your efforts in organizing this wonderful event once again.

I had my colonoscopy last month and had some polyps removed by our Angel Doctor Rodriquez-Luna and he asked about everyone and teared up when we talked about Kim...she had a huge impact on him and all of his staff. He is also glad she isn't suffering any more.

I truly believe that your baby will be here soon and I know Kim is doing everything she can to help you and Mike with that. Keep the faith and it will happen.

Thanks again Randi!!

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