Wednesday, December 23, 2009

To Kim from Uncle Mike

Well Kim, there is not a day that goes by that I don't think about you. Daniel and myself hiked the Grand Canyon again. Slept under the stars under a full moon. I could see your face shining bright in heaven. The whole time hiking I thought about you, especially around water falls. It must be their natural beauty. Kim, I miss you, I miss your smile and big eyes and the way you always said, "Uncle Mike." I call you cell phone a lot just to hear your voice and leave messages, it makes me so happy. Kim, up there in heaven, if you have not already talked to my Dad, know that he is a good man. I feel your presence real strong, almost like we are going to reach out and hug each other. I am engraving a real pretty stone with your name and a few other words on it. Come this spring, Daniel and myself will climb San Francisco Peak and Mt. Humphies and place that stone in a special place because we love you. Kim, your Mom is a real strong woman, but please have God reach down from heaven a place his hand on her shoulder and reinforce her strength. It takes time Kim, your mother is healing slowly. It's almost Christmas Eve, keep sending down your beautiful thoughts from heaven. I love you and know you are always around your beautiful friends and family. Kim, you are forever in my heart.

Love You So Much,
Uncle Mike

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Becca said...

To Kim's Family--
I happened back over here tonight after what feels like just a few weeks when in reality it's been more than a few months! I am so so very sorry to hear of Kim's passing.

My niece & I met Kim and Kiki at Disneyland in March while waiting in line to meet the Princesses. We struck up a conversation and learned a lot about one another in those two hours. I sent her some pictures after we got home but if you'd like to have the rest of them, please let me know.

Again, my deepest sympathy for your loss--she was a remarkable woman who has touched so many people.

Love in Christ,