Friday, December 18, 2009

Glendale Glitters

We went to see Jaden (Kim's niece) dance tonight out in old town Glendale. It made me think about Kim....she was at this event with us last year.....It was a good memory.....Kim all bundled up because it was really cold and you would have never know how sick she was. She looked so good! Vinny and I were talking about how he was pushing her in the wheelchair and I said yep I know, we ate at the same restaurant tonight that we did last year. It was really hard to think she was sitting with us in the same restaurant last year.
Nights like tonight make you really wonder why things happen the way that they do....makes you a bit angry....a bit confused....
Tonight at the dance, we were stopped by someone asking us to sign a petition to support medical marijuana :) Most of us signed it! and I laughed and told Vinny that I always told Kim that I could make her some killer brownies that would give her a fierce appetite and get rid of her nausea but Kim was always rock solid. She didnt want anything. She got through her bad nights with prayers and love from family and friends. I admire her strength! Often times I would put myself in her shoes and think of how pissed I'd be and yet she never was. Of how I'd want to fill my body with anything to make it numb if I were in her shoes. Kim never once took advantage of her diagnosis. She took what she was dealt and made the best of it. How many of us would have the strength to do that?
I learned a lot from Kim's journey with cancer and have made a lot of changes in my life because of her....changes for the better.
I know shes still here with us we just have to work the other day, the patient I was caring for had the name Kim tattooed on his ring finger. I took his hand in mine and told him about our Kim and he told me about his wife Kim. It was a nice moment. I love telling people of her strength.
Love You Kim! It's almost your first Christmas in Heaven.....enjoy!

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