Monday, September 28, 2009

Saturday Fundraisers Hugely Successful

What an INCREDIBLE day Saturday was!! We had over 50 volunteers show up to wash cars and support the Miller's! Even in the blazing sun and over 100 degree temperatures, volunteers worked hard with smiles on their faces and were happy to be there to support Kim and her family. Once again, I am reminded of just how good people are!!

Special thanks go to Sammy for the endless hours she spent organizing and facilitating the most successful Car Wash I have ever been a part of. Ginger, thanks for the great idea and all your help as well! Thanks also go to Bev and her staff at Circle K for welcoming us with open arms and providing ice and many other things we needed. Big thanks to Olivia, who made wonderful pineapple upside down cake and sold it for donations. Thanks Natty for taking pictures once again (will post some when I get them from her). Lastly, thanks to Chick-fil-A for donating a tasty lunch for all the volunteers.

Also, special thanks to Deanna and Kassi from Salon De Cheveax for putting on an amazing
Fundraiser as well! What an adorable Salon and what nice stylists I met while there visiting. Deanna and Kassi also worked hard on getting great raffle prizes and the food that was in the middle of the Salon was wonderful!!

Family and Friends (at least 40 people), went to Holy Cross Cemetery after the Car Wash ended to sing Kim Happy Birthday (twice) and launch an incredible amount of balloons. What a special time this was for all!!

Lastly, family and friends went to the Miller's for a wonderful party to celebrate our wonderful day!!

Aunt Kathy

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Rebecca said...

I bet Kim was smiling when everyone sang Happy Birthday! I pulled out the birthday card I had bought her several months ago and read it again. I giggled because I know Kim would have had a good laugh since we share the same birthday. Lots of love to the family!