Thursday, September 17, 2009

I know there is A LOT going on, and I have honestly been waiting for things to slow down a bit before I posted...but it doesn't seem it will and I need/want to get the info out there!!

I talked to Nan (a while ago now) and we thought it would be awesome to do the Undy 5000 as a joint team. I started a team a few months ago in memory of my we just figured we'd join forces in the fight against colon cancer!!

Our team name is:

Rodgers' Rumps & Kim's Keesters

This year the Undy 5000 will beheld on Saturay November 21st, 2009 in downtown Phoenix.

I am super excited about this and can't wait to do this as one giant family joined together to kick cancer's ass!!

Click here to join our team!! (I will also place a link button in the side bar)

I will also be posting more details as we get closer!!

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Anonymous said...

YEAH! So glad to have you will be like a big extended family! So excited! I need to get my team registered...