Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Kim's Birthday Pictures....

Happy Birthday Kim! The car wash was a success, and Deanna's Salon put on a Fantastic Fundraiser! As Kathy mentioned, we sang Happy Birthday to our Kimmy and gave her balloons! There was a dragon fly that hung around for a while, looking at all of us! What a wonderful moment that was! Kimmy was there in more ways than one!


~Angela~ said...

Happy Belated Birthday Kim! The fundraisers looks like they went so well and it's so good to see everyone with smiles of peace on their faces. Our family was out of town for the weekend but I'll make it up on another fundraiser. Again thanks so much to the family for keeping up with this blog. It's great to see such wonderful pictures and that the family is doing well.

Stefany Pew said...

These pictures are awesome! What a great day! What an amazing sight to see all those balloons flying in the air. So touching! She was so loved!

missy said...

Hello Miller and Gwaltney families!
I played volleyball with Kim in high school during club. I always loved Kim! She had a great attitude and a great family.
I had not heard of Kim's illness until last week when I ran into one of our old teammates. I so wish I had known sooner to help all of you with all you have done for her and to be there for her.
I am truly saddened by your loss but I know Kim is a beautiful angel in heaven now!!
Please, let me know if there is anything I can do from here on out. I will be at the fundraiser on the 9th.
Take care of yourselves!
Missy (Martin) Salum