Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Gold Canyon Candle Fundraiser Still In Progress

I just got off the phone with Heather Gamez, the wonderful gal who has taken on the Gold Canyon Candle Fundraiser and things are going well so far. She has sent out over 30 packets (like a girl scout order form) to different people who are selling candles. If you would like a packet sent to you to sell candles please e mail Heather at Heather.Gamez@goldcanyon.us If you would like to just order candles you can also e mail Heather or call her at (602) 908-7485.

All orders and payments must be turned in by: Monday, Sept. 21st and candles should arrive the first week of October. At least 42% of the purchase is going back to the Kim Miller Benefit Fund, plus Heather will be donating all her commissions from the orders. Our goal is to sell 700 candles and raise at least $5000.

Thanks Heather for all your efforts with this Fundraiser! We appreciate your kindness for sure!!

Aunt Kathy

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