Friday, September 4, 2009

Aunt Kathy Here Reflecting

I am sitting here in front on my computer and it is quiet and peaceful for the first time in many months. I am not sure I like how quiet it is and am missing Kimmy and my family and Kim's friends who I had the opportunity to see almost on a daily basis. The funeral services the past few days exceeded my expectations and I cannot believe the number of people that attended and the kind words and compassion that was shown. This whole experience has brought so many wonderful people into our lives and I will be forever grateful for the kindness and generosity of everyone, even people I have never met.

I am sure you all noticed that the article was not in the newspaper yesterday. I spoke with the reporter and she said it should be in the Southwest section in today's paper. Can anyone who gets the Southwest paper confirm that it was in today? She did tell me the article will be a feature story up on their web site for a week.

We are getting requests from numerous people to put the video of the funeral on the blog and we are looking into the possibility of doing that. There was also an incredible slide show that Natty did that was shown at the viewing and reception that we will try and post as well. I know my daughter, Kandus is also trying to assemble all the speeches that were done to post them.

We are also getting requests to continue the blog and we are discussing doing so. We could update everyone on how Deron, Nan, Joe, Scott and the kids are doing and announce family celebrations like the one we are going to be experiencing in the next few weeks when my niece Kristin gives birth to a beautiful baby (don't know if it is a boy or girl yet).

Thanks again to everyone,
Aunt Kathy


thearringtonclan said...

I would love to see updates about the future.. Not knowing Kim but knowing of her struggle with Cancer and how soooo lucky I am to still have my husband here with me when it could have been so very different.. makes me realise we ALL need to make the most of every single sunrise and make the most of the day that follows it.
You are in our Prayers.
Maxine and Mathew

Mrs_Arizona said...

I had a friend who shared this story with me! I am 24 years old and I am recoverying from Thyroid cancer and severe blood problems and at that time I was pregnant. I work as a radiology tech and I am hoping to go back to school as a radiation therapist. Seeing a supportive family like this makes me want to become that radiation therapist because I feel that I can help someone even if it is hjust a quick chat! My heart has been touched in many ways by just reading this post and seeing the beautiful family you all have. I have thankful for everyday and my words would never be enough during this hard time but I wish you all the best in coping with this horrible loss. It is never right to lose a loved one!

Robyn McDowell said...

Aunt Kathy,

Thank you for finding your way back to the computer! Thursday pm I hit on the blog where I felt like I could be a part of Kim's journey. I hit on it a few times on Friday where I was anxious to have a report or update...kind of like the movie, YOU'VE GOT MAIL. Thank you for posting your feelings and comments. You are right, we do want to know how everyone is doing. So many have been strongly connected w/the blog and don't want to see it end.

THANK YOU AGAIN, for communicating with us. Life won't be the same without Kim but her blog continues to make me feel her close to me.

Holy Hugs!

Robyn McDowell
Former Assistant VB Coach

KA said...

Aunt Kathy(hope it's ok that I call you that...). Thanks for the love and support you so freely gave to Kim during her most trying times. Thanks also for the love and support you've given her/your family. You are truly a rock. It was wonderful to see you at Kim's service last week and put your beautiful face to a name. So many lives have been touched and blessed because of Kim. Much love and many prayers to all of you as you travel this journey! :)