Saturday, September 5, 2009

Kim Loved Saturdays!

I woke up to visions of wiping the tears from Deron's eyes at the viewing while the slide show was playing. I had my morning cry and then reminded myself that Kim loved Saturday's and that would be my last cry of the day. Kim would be excited that I was spending the day with my son, Kohl who was in Phoenix until only tomorrow from Florida. We are also planning dinner with Kohl and Stephanie (Kohl's best friend in the world) and hoping to make Justin's first college football game. Lots to cram in in one day, but I know I will do better if I stay busy.

Nan and Joe went to Scott's and Cher's for dinner. Sammy and her wonderful husband, Scott spent the day with Nan and Joe. I heard that Deron was doing well, but I know his family is heading back to California today and that will be hard for him. I wish they all lived closer....they are amazing people (just like their son), who I have grown to love.

Well time to stop writing, Kirby just got home with my favorite breakfast from LGO.

Aunt Kathy


Anonymous said...

Aunt Kathy, I am so glad that you were there for Kim. Having only had the blessing of her friendship for a few months, I know in that short time that you were such a comfort to her. Thank you for being there for her and for her friends. If there's anything I can do, please let me know. I want to take Kim's story and mine and the others I have come across, and help others on their journey. I don't want to let Kim's be the end - rather, it's the beginning that she and I spoke about SO OFTEN. Thank you again - you've been a great aunt and I will can only hope that I can be as strong and wonderful as you are for my own nieces and nephews....

Lilia said...

Aunt Kathy, I would like to thank you for continuing this blog and letting us know how the family is doing.I was not a close friend of Kim's but rather an acquaintance from little league. I found myself looking at her blog almost daily an anticipating any update that you guys would give. Although I live close to CTCA I didn't want to invade on family time when it was so precious. Although knowing Kim, she would rather have enjoyed me going to visit. Thank you for continuing on letting us know how Daron, "Coach Nan", Dylan and Kiki are doing, as I find myself thinking about them often. I was so excited to see some updates on the family. I will continue keeping the entire family in my prayers. May God give you guys the strength to get out of bed, to continue your day and to be there for each other. You guys have such an amazing family and I feel as if by doing this blog you have invited us all into your family. Thank you, Thank You, Thank You.