Thursday, September 3, 2009

We Love You Kim!

I was able to thank our family at the funeral today but just felt like I can't thank Kim's friends enough. Thank You for what awesome friends you were to Kim! I only hope that everyone has friends like Kim had!

As the day has ended and I sit here reflecting.....I just keep thinking I can't believe Kim is gone! It's still so sharp & hurts so much to think she's not physically here with us. But as mentioned today by.... I think it was Vinny, Kim brought so many good people together!

We all bonded like brothers and sisters during the past 10 months.....Thank You Kim for the friends we have all gained during your journey. Thank You Kim for making us realize what is important in life.

Thank You to everyone that fought along side Kim!

I miss you so much Kim! But I know as soon as we have another family gathering, we will tell our Kim stories like we did tonight and laugh... and realize once again that you made all of us better people....I love you!

To Kim's friends, please keep in touch!
Lots of Love to you all and our angel Kim

-Cousin Kristin


Jaime said...

Kim will always be in our thoughts, hearts and prayers along with her family. We miss her too!

gloriaisis1 said...


What an entourage!! Not one parking space left...even now people passing by the Church must have wondered if this was a "movie star". You are so loved, cherished and missed by everyone! I thank you for the great gift of your friendship. I know I have been richly blessed knowing you & your family. Pray for us....we miss you. Deron, Nan & Joe, please let us know if you ever need anything, we are here for you & the kids. May God keep you in his care & grant you comfort & strength.

Love & Blessings,
Gloria, Patrick & Katharine Lee (former neighbors & co-worker)

Jessika Tanner said...

I'm so sorry for your loss! I've been following the blog since I saw Natalie mention it and I've been hoping and praying for a full recovery. She seemed to have fought a hard fight and we who read this can tell she was and is an amazing woman.

Boy Wonder's Blog said...

I met Kim about 4 years ago when we were both involved in Millennium HighSchool Volleyball Booster club. I didn't know Kim real well, but the time I spent with her, getting to know her was so much fun. All of us Volleyball moms had a blast together. Kim was the sparkle in our booster club. She was beautiful inside and out and always willing to help where ever she could.
I was so very touched yesterday during Kim's services. I hope everyone who attended realized as I did that everyday is indeed a gift. We need to be grateful for every minute we have here on this earth. This is our time to let those we love know just how much we do indeed love them. Hopefully all of us will take a moment to ponder on what is truly important in this life.
Kim was such an awesome example of a wonderful wife, mother, daughter, sister, neice and friend. She has truly been an inspiration to me.
I was so touched by everyone who spoke at the services yesterday. Everyone did such an amazing job. I was especially touched by the words of Kim's brother. I have never met Kim's brother, but I would like him to know the way he honored his sister yesterday is something I will never forget.
I know it is such a difficult time of loss,but I know Kim was up in Heaven smiling so big as she listened to such an up-lifting funeral service in her behalf.
My prayers will continue to be with Kim's wonderful husband, BEAUTIFUL children, her Mom, dad, brother,extended family and friends.
Thanks for the beautiful blogg witch allowed so many of us who were not physically there with kim during these last 10 months be apart of her journey, to remember her in our prayers.
I know without a doubt our Father in Heaven wants all families to be together forever. I know that one day Kim will be reunited with her family forever.
Debbie Teeples

Colleen said...

Thank you for being a testament to how wonderful family truly is. You guys all stick together through thick and thin, and I think that is such an amazing inspiration to so many. Despite all the trials you guys have experienced this past year, your smiles are genuine, and the love oozes from all of you! Thanks for sharing Kim with all of us!