Tuesday, July 21, 2009

One Hot Fightin' Momma & Her Beautiful Babies

When I got to the "resort" after work this afternoon, I was so thrilled to see our beautiful Kim sitting up in bed, smiling & looking AMAZING!! Another fun surprise...Dylan & Kiki were there to visit!!

I thought I'd post a couple pics I took...so everyone's fighting spirit can be as uplifted ours are!!

Keep praying.

Keep believing.

Our Fighter is still up and ready for the next round.

Xoxo, Randi


Stefany Pew said...

yay!!! Thanks for these great pictures! Kim looks great!!! I do feel so much better seeing her and how great she looks.

Daria said...

Kim does look good and the kids look so sweet.

mccalltl said...

Thanks for the update. I check your blog and send prayers for your recovery every day. I'm so glad CTCA opened here for you!

Garrett said...

Looking great Kim! Keep the positive attitude and enjoy the CTCA. Oh, and Katie says to take full advantage of the salon :)

Love and prayers,
Garrett & Katie

Sammy said...


You are looking good sister! I am so thankful you are at Cancer Treatment Centers of America, specialized medicine all in one place just for cancer, next to God there are no better hands!

You restore my FAITH every day; you give me comfort through this trial with the light in your eyes! You are so strong sister!

My dear friend, kick butt, send the cancer fleeing from your beautiful SOUL!

Sammy & Scott

Rebecca said...

You look so beautiful but then again you always have been! I have always been jealous! LOL The kids are getting so big!
Sounds like you are at an amazing place! Tell them to set up an Applebee's and Cold Stone there also!
My prayers are with you and I think of you every day! Lots of love, hugs and kisses from Idaho!