Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Update from Aunt Kathy

Thanks Randi for posting the pictures!! Those of us still in San Diego enjoyed being able to see Kim!!!

Kim starts some new chemo today and they are going to deliver it by a slow infusion over 5 days in hopes of fewer side effects. She was off oxygen yesterday for 15 minutes and was able to keep her O2 sats at 95%....that is a huge improvement. Her swelling is much improved and her pain is much more under control. They are going to start TPN (Total Parenteral Nutrition) today to address Kim's malnutrition and low albumin levels. She still needs to eat regular food to keep her digestive system working.

Erin has made arrangements for a nationally known healer to visit Kim tomorrow....we are all excited about that for sure!!

Deron continues to be a ROCK and is taking awesome care of Kim. He is on leave from work and spends every day and night with Kim. God Bless you Deron!!!!

Aunt Kathy


Colleen said...

Continued thoughts and prayers are with you always!

mwydra1 said...

Kim, it's great to hear that you are feeling better. Please know that you are constantly in our thought and prayers.

Ksboysmom said...

It's great to hear Kim is doing better - and we keep her in our thoughts and prayers ,she amazes us at how strong she is -Deron as well - I always did love that littl cousin of mine!! OUr thoughts are with you all...wish we lived closer!!
Love to all,
Gayla and Connor

Chad and Angie Baker said...

Kim, we love you. Thinking about your often and following your updates and progress. Thanks Aunt Kathy for the continuous posts.