Monday, July 20, 2009


We thought we should post a quick update, since a few things have changed...

When Kim got home from San Diego on Saturday, she had some trouble breathing. Deron had her transported to Banner Estrella, where she was admitted. Kim's body had retained too much fluid, so the doctor's decided to monitor her and get the problem taken care of.

On Monday the decision was made for Kim to be transfered to the Cancer Treatment Centers of America...near Lictchfield and I-10.

So...around 2pm, Kim left Banner & made it safely to CTCA...a much nicer and much more "resort" type atmosphere. We all walked in and fell in love. This place is so warm & inviting.

While Kim was getting checked in, we learned they have a salon downstairs...the ladies will actually come up to the patients rooms and fix hair, do manicures &/or pedicures!! Woo Hoo!! This is OUR kinda place...Kim fit right in!!

Her room is beautiful and they even brought chairs for the entire "entourage." Our prayers have been answered that she could find a more comfortable place to discuss and pray about the options she has available to her.

Kim's attitude remains super positive!! Today she requested Dunkin' Donuts...we happily granted her wish!! Then she saw someone eating Chik-fil-A and requested some chicken!! She has eaten awesome yesterday & today...we really hope she is able to continue down this path.

We'll try to keep everyone updated about our Fighter!!


Erin, Laura, Natty, Sammy & Randi


Stefany Pew said...

I just LOVE her!!! Seriously.....I'm so glad she is in an environment that is more positive and fitting for her fighting personality. Go Kimi!!!

Rebecca said...

Kim you are such a fighter and a great role model! I am so glad you had such a great vacation! Hope your horse quilt is providing you comfort! There is so much love in that quilt. When you wrap it around yourself, think of it being my arms giving you a huge hug!I love you!

Carol Urban said...

Happy, happy thoughts and prayers to you and your entire family. What love and support you have!

Today is my 47th birthday. I have survived two years past my initial stage 3 colon cancer diagnosis. The doctors told me I would not live long.

I am a fighter and so are you. Keep fighting. You have God, the CTCA and your children and family behind you pushing you to succeed.

E said...

I have been asking my friends, and the women in my online groups to send prayers and positive thoughts your way. You have many people holding you in their thoughts, myself included. I don't even know you, but my thoughts have been with you for the last few days, especially.

Wishing you WELLNESS.

- Erin Buvala-Benites

Debra said...

Hey Kim,

It's me, your next door neighbor. I have been following your blog and not wanting to bug you at home. I am praying for you, I know that you are in GOD's good grace. Keep fighting and know that we are here for you, whatever you need.

Love Debra and Percy

Rannyjean said...

Keep fighting Kim, the prayer warriors are on your side!