Saturday, May 30, 2009

Round 1 is over

Well...the last few days were certainly full of adventure. As Aunt Kathy mentioned, Kiki and Dylan over the last week have both had this 36 hour stomach flu. Soon after Deron and I got home from chemo on Wednesday night, Deron started getting very sick. I immediately called my mom and asked her to get to my house. There was no way I was going to be able to take care of Deron and Deron could not take care of me. We were quite the pair that night. Deron started shaking so bad, the covers were moving. You would have thought that our house was a freezer box. My mom took the kids and I to her house so we hopefully wouldn't get the bug. Poor Deron was left at home alone with phone calls every hour to check on him. The next day was the worst for me. From the time I woke up I was so nauseous. I couldn't eat...couldn't drink...had more fluid coming out my rear end and was dry heaving. I was so weak that by the afternoon, I could barely walk. I had to go back to my doctors office for a white blood booster shot. When they saw me they took me back to the chemo room and hooked me up to a bag of fluids. By that evening, I was able to eat a few crackers and a few bites of soup but that was it. Yesterday, Friday, was much better. Still weak, I was able to drink a bit and eat a bit. I still had to go to the Dr. office and get another bag of fluids. I was actually able to drink and eat by last night. Deron was feeling so much better as well. Today, Saturday, I feel like I've got so much more energy. I've eaten cereal, drank a bottle of water and I just might get out of bed soon. lol
Hopefully my next chemo will be only chemo...not chemo with flu cocktail. Also, my chemo treatments are going to be every 3 weeks...not every other week. I'll have more recovery time in between treatments. I'll even be off for when my family all goes to Mission Beach in July. I can't wait.
I hope everyone is doing well.



Anonymous said...

While it wasn't what you expected and the flu no doubt made things worse, one round is down. Woo!

Can't wait to see you tomorrow. Still on, right? Send me your address, will you? See you then!

Daria said...


I sure feel for you. You are going through some tough stuff.

Hope things improve soon.


Carol Urban said...

Glad to hear your family has recovered from the bug. Thank goodness you have gotten through this 1st round. Praying 2nd round is much better for you. Hugs and prayers.

Ksboysmom said...

Glad to hear Round 1 is over and the flu bug as well!! Take care of yourself - and now you have your family vacation to look forward to as well!! That is the best medicine ever I think spending time with those you love most!!
We will say a prayer and are keeping you guys in our thoughts -would love to see you all!
Love to all!
Gayla and Connor

elegantcwbygrl said...

You are one tough chick! I love you!
I have a little gift for you. You will get it before round 2, it will make round 2 and the rest of them go just a little smoother. :)
Text me your address 208-315-4849. Love and prayers to you and your family!

Smathers House of Girls said...

I'm sure you've heard of it but there is an awesome website called planet cancer. It's like facebook for the cancer world. There's so many really great people on there and it's for the weird in between child and geriatric age.