Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Miller/Gwaltney Update from Aunt Kathy

Deron had a great day yesterday! He got to do something he has always wanted to do thanks to his dear friend, Jeff......fly a plane!! I guess Jeff's Dad was able to get a plane for a couple of hours and off they went. It was soooo good to hear the excitement in Deron's voice!

Nan and Joe are doing well. Thanks go to Nan's friend Donna for staying with Nan for the weekend again. Donna, you offer such strength and love to Nan....we appreciate you so much! My sister, Karrie and I spent the day with Nan and Donna yesterday. We went to a great movie (The Proposal) and ate way to much fattening food....ended the night at Mary Coyle's Ice Cream Parlor for a carmel cashew sundae. Nan told me that Kim wanted to see The Proposal so bad and I told her Kim was there and was laughing right along with us.

Both Scott and Joe went back to work yesterday and Dylan and Ki Ki will be going back to school today.

Signing Off,
Aunt Kathy

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mike said...

Thank you for keeping Kim's life on this earth alive. I did not know Kim personally but have grown to care and love her and her family. Each day I pray for the Miller's and her mom and dad and brother. Kim has taught life, love and laughter thru her blog along with her family and freinds. Thank you for allowing me, a outsider to learn about Kim and her life. God Bless the families and friends . I will continue to pray for healing of the families. Josie