Monday, August 3, 2009

Picture Update.....

Kim had another good week! As you view these pictures, you will see a couple of Kim's highlights! She finally got her new phone (the blackberry curve), as you can see her hugging the boxes it came in! She LOVES it!!! The next highlight, was CODY!!!! Kim's dog, which she hasn't seen for almost two weeks! Nan and Kathy snuck him in a small duffle bag, and covered him with Kathy's sweater! It was a good laugh!! After all of that, we figured the security guards and Kim's nurses probably really wouldn't care! Cody stayed for a good two hours, and he was just as happy to see Kim as she was to see him! She was brushing her teeth when Kathy let him crawl out of the bag! That night was topped off with a "Thanksgiving in August" feast! Traci Price's mom made a Turkey dinner, and Lisa and Traci got to serve Kim the delicious food! That food was gone fast! Today was a good day! Kim was a Diva! She put on some makeup and looked AMAZING!!! 
You are so gorgeous Kim! 
Love, Natty

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Jan said...

Hi Kim
God Bless you and your family. Prayers are going your way and positive thoughts. You are a strong women and your husband and family and friends are blessed with your friendship as are you.
Best wishes
Jan Plog