Saturday, August 1, 2009

Great I think...

Hello everyone! I know it's been some time since I updated. As you can see in all the pictures...their's never a dull moment in the Miller room. The entire staff here is amazing.

Most of you knew that after this last chemo treatment that I had developed a blood clot in my upper right thigh. My docs weren't to concerned due to the clot prevention (IVC filter) procedure that Banner Estrella did before I got here. I also had to have a catheter put in my bladder because it is to painful for me to get up and down to go to the bathroom with my legs being so swollen. We had a little scare last night with some rectal bleeding, but the good news is it was old blood versus fresh blood and it hasn't happened again. They put me on a pain pump last night and my pain is so much better.

Thanks to all my family and friends for your love and support. Special thanks to all my friends who worked hard this past week to get my kids ready for school on Monday. The outfits are adorable and they have enough school supplies for the entire class.

I know that God is still continuing to work in my life and I am still going to beat this! Please continue the awesome prayers.

Much Love,


thearringtonclan said...

so wonderful to see you on here Kim...We are Praying for you and your family.. Stay strong..
The Arringtons

Gayla said...

You never cease to amaze us Girl - you are the strongest peron I know of...Keep fighting...can't believe schools starting already ,almost time for it here as well..take care of yourself and we are thinking of you all and saying prayers!!
Love ya,
Gayla and Connor
Deron's cuz

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness - I am SO GLAD To see you online. I was so worried all day yesterday - I spoke with your mom on Friday and I have been terrified since then. I also left a message with Erin and your mom yesterday and didn't hear back - was petrified all day. You have just made my day - I was so worried about you. I am going to try to stop by today - will call your mom/Deron beforehand. Love you! Stay strong....

Anonymous said...


We here at Desert Life Church have not stopped praying for you. Your good friend Erin is keeping us updated. Keep fighting and never give up. Hope to hear more good news soon!

Pastor Scott

Nancy said...

Kim..I know you don't know me,I am Michelle's Aunt Nancy from Commerce, Texas.I can't do a lot from here but I can Pray.I have you on our prayer list at the New Life C.M/church.We are small but have very big heart.Well I just read your blog and watched you r pictures and cried.We will continue to pray for you and know that God will work things in his time.And I believe he is with you sweetie.stay safe and God Bless you sweet lady.

Kelly said...

Hello Kim Idont know if u remeber me but I was the one that diagnosed a day after u left ESTRELLA I finished 12 treatment but toward my 9th treatment I couldnt eat due to soars in my mouth and down my throat. I wish you all the best I was also gonna go to Cancer Center of A but they denied me because im on ACCHSS it look beautiful stay strong my prayers and thought are with you always.

Lilia said...

Kim, just wanted to let you know that our prayers are with you and your family. You never cease to amaze me how now matter how hard things seem to get you just hold on tighter to Gods precious hands.
love you
Lilia Cano