Thursday, June 18, 2009

I'm NOT Pregnant

Hello everyone...It's Me!
So the latest shocker this morning was my nurse telling me that my blood work came back saying I was pregnant. LOL!!! I said "NO WAY!" I've had 4 periods in the last 8 months since being on chemo and Deron got fixed 5 years ago. We thought it was kind of comical. Therefore, I've just went through having an ultra sound done as well to make sure there was no little Miller in there. And like we thought...NO ONE WAS HOME!

As of right now, I'm starving! Again I have not been able to eat due to this possible upcoming procedure. The radiology department that Aunt Kathy mentioned yesterday is talking with my doctors right now to see about having the interventional radiology procedure done. The risk is having to use the CT contrast that I have had multiple allergic reactions from. As soon as they make up their mind, I will either be going down for the procedure or being a happy little camper eating. If I do end up in the procedure, I'm sure Aunt Kathy will update everyone once I'm out.

The other thing that was discovered last night in my colonoscopy is that there is another 3 cm tumor that has joined just above my primary tumor in my colon. Obviously, this comes as a shock and disappointment, but I can't let that get me down and I still believe I will beat this. Having to have that NG tube in my nose really made me mad. I'm ready to continue to fight like hell!!!!

Oh my nurse just came in and told me that I can eat!!!!! I love her! Jack in the Deron comes. They are not going to do the radiology procedure until 10:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. They need to prep me with cortisone and benadryl for 12 hours prior to the procedure so I don't have an allergic reaction to the contrast.

Thank you so much for all the continued prayers.

I am missing my babies and the Nurse just said that she would turn her head the other way if they came to see me. These Nurse's are awesome!!



cefish said...

Hi Kimmie!! Your Aunt Callie here... I hope you can feel all the prayers and thoughts I'm having for you! We ALL are... you keep fighting this monster!! We Love You...

Stefany Pew said...

I'm so glad YOU updated your blog this time! It's so good to read your words and feel your strength, despite the bad news. You truly are an inspiration Kim! I hope I can come visit you with Natty one of these times. Love you girl!

Colleen said...

I am so HAPPY the nurse understands how difficult it is to be away from your kids. Much love and many, many prayers being sent from all of us here! Thinking of you always!

Anonymous said...

Want a visitor? I was thinking of stopping by this weekend sometime. I'm getting my tattoo - keep an eye out for pictures. I will try to call you soon. We are going to KICK this thing.

Miss JRenae said...

Keep those dukes up!!! You are a fighter...I have lots of Faith in our dear God...praying for your continued strength, and determination!!! From one fighter to another...YOU can do this!!!

Ksboysmom said...

Kim, We are thinking of you guys as we so often do -it was so neat they let the kids visit! They are the best medicine for you! Hang Tough as always and tell Deron Hi for me!!
Love to all,
Gayla and Connor

Rannyjean said...

You continually amaze me and I am so inspired by your 'mad as hell,' courage and fight!

Carol Urban said...

I would have told that nurse that was so NOT FUNNY to a cancer patient!

It was amazing to me, during my cancer journey, that most of my uphill battle was with healthcare workers and their very insensitive comments. I'm someone with an amazing sense of humor but those folks were not funny at all.

You are one amazing woman and you will get through this. Don't take any sh** off anyone!