Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Colonoscopy Completed

Dr. Rodriquez did the colonosopy this evening and there is a quarter size area of the colon tumor that is bleeding. He wasn't able to adequately take care of the bleeding through the scope and they are waiting for the bleeding to start again and then the radiologist will do a procedure that has a 90% success rate in stoping bleeding. The next bleed she has they will take her down stairs to radiology for the procedure. Last night, they did move Kim to ICU so that they can keep a better eye on her. Unfortunately, she had to experience having an NG tube in place during the night, but they removed it around 9:30 a.m. She got 2 units of blood today and her color is so much better.

Kim is sitting up in bed right now eating tortilla soup and chicken strips from Red Robin that uncle Kirby just brought her. She is soooo happy to finally be able eat (no food since Monday) and can't wait to get a good nights sleep.

Kim wants everyone to know how much she appreciates the prayers and asked everyone to keep them coming.

Aunt Kathy


Rannyjean said...

Thank you so much for the update. Kim has been such a trooper and our family continues to pray for her!

OBY said...

We are praying to, bible study
last night as she was haveing her prceedure. My Nanny goat needs prayers too. Much Love

Anonymous said...

Kathy - Thank you SO MUCH for the update. Is she up to visitors? I will try to call Nan today - I am keeping you all in my thoughts. Let Kim know my prayers are with ALL of you.