Tuesday, February 17, 2009

We are home!!

Here are a few pictures of our trip. We had such a great time in Vegas. Our first day we flew in early and had some time to spend while they cleaned a room for us...so we ended up at Margaritaville which was right next to our hotel. I think we had lunch there almost every afternoon. Deanna's team played well. The played each morning (so that meant getting up early). I was able to see some of my old coaches and players who all coach now. It's awesome to be around these major tournaments because I get to see so many people that I know.
Saturday night we went to see KA. It was amazing. The theater is something I can't even explain...a stage that goes vertical and every which direction. We got in pretty late that night. The next night we just hung out at the piano bar next to our hotel. That was very entertaining. We laughed, sang along, Deron acted like a total retard who couldn't clap on beat...he had so many people around us laughing. We had such a blast. This trip was exactly what we needed. Thank you to everyone who helped us make this trip possible. We decided to come home a day early. Deanna's team finished really early on Monday and we missed our babies...so we checked out of the hotel and headed to the airport on stand by. Every flight was booked with it being the end of a holiday weekend. We got bumped on a few flights but ended up getting on the 7:40 flight. We were boarding this plane and we had to sit away from each other but at least we made it home. Then the weird thing...we had another volleyball team on our flight and I was walking to the back of the plane and I hear girls telling me that there is an extra seat with them. As I looked up at see the seat, the person sitting in the next seat was one of my college teammates. It was the coolest thing ever. We have not seen each other in about 5 + years. So we got to catch up over our 50 minute flight. We got home around 10:30ish last night to find Dylan in our bed. He refused to sleep in his bed because he said that we would be so tired and would not come in and wake him up when we got home. lol He was so cute when we woke him up. Kyrstin on the other hand was so tired I couldn't even get her to open her eyes. She was so excited this morning to see us. One of my favorite sounds is to hear her come in with her chipmunk voice and say with a huge smile "Hi Mommy". I think both kids grew while we were gone...what did Uncle Scott, Aunt Cher, Nana and Grandpa feed them while we were gone??? I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentines Day and extended weekend. This Friday is Round 9!!! Only 4 to go, then new scans and next step plans.

Much love,



The Gwaltneys said...

Im so glad you guys had a great time..by the way I fed your kids junk food..isnt that what auntis are for!!! by the way in case you dont know Ki ki loves fruit roll ups, one for each hand!!

Gayla said...

So glad you were able to get away and enjoy yourselves! That is wonderful!You both deserved the vacation and relaxation and cut loose for some fun! :)
We will be thinking about you on Friday and praying for a easy round 9!!
Take care and we will check in later!
Gayla and Connor