Saturday, February 7, 2009

Drum Roll Please........

Okay, sorry for not getting on yesterday to update on my scan results. It was a good day. My liver tumors continue to shrink!!!! My lungs have not changed at all since this whole thing started. The doctor said we could research what is actually in my lungs but we would have to stop treatment for some time to be able to do biopsy's and such. However, he is not too concerned about needing to find out what is in the lungs right now. We will continue to monitor the lungs each 2 months in my scans. I'm still having a little Neuropathy in my hands so we have decided to completely stop the 5FU drug. This is the drug I've been off for the past month now. We will keep all the other chemo drugs that make up the Ful Furi but just eliminate the 5FU. I am now down to one day of chemo every other week. My doctor thinks it is positive that I have not been on the 5FU for a month and my tumors are still shrinking. The other active cancer killers are working and so is our good Lord! Surgery is still not a thought. My primary tumor in my colon is off to the right side and is not causing an obstruction or bleeding (Thank you God) therefore, we will leave it alone and continue chemo treatment for the next two months and then redo scans to measure progress. Keep the prayers coming!
Thank you to everyone who continues to bring wonderful food to my family, the volleyball club who has been so wonderful to us, my friends who continue to be by my side, my family who deals with my every emotion and to my husband and children who make every day so worth while. I love you all so much.
Round 9 is on the 20th!



The Gwaltneys said...

That is the best news yet..We are so glad everything is working and you are feeling good..we love you

GG said...

We will continue to pray for you, Cousin Deron, and your children.
God listens.

Greg and Peggy Guard
744 Greenbriar
Saina, Kansas 67401

Rannyjean said...

Glory to God and singing His praises for your good news!

Jill said...

Praise God!!! Kim I am so happy to hear this. Continued prayers for you and the family. xoxo

Garrett said...

Fantastic update Kim! Keep up the great attitude and remember that we're all praying for you!

The Miller's