Friday, January 16, 2009

Round 7 tomorrow!!!

Tomorrow will be a different day. Due to my Neuropathy, we are not going to be doing the 46 hr. pump (aka 5FU). I will do all the drugs at Mayo but not the 5FU (I know it has a funny name). When my liver samples were sent to Canada, we did not know what chemo I was going to be given so they tried 5 different chemo's and the 5FU was one of them. In the lab, my liver tissues did not respond. Obviously lab testing and body testing can react differently. Therefore, when I was told we had to not do the 5FU due to the side effect and the concern of long term issues, I was okay with that. However, this is one of the main drugs given. That confirms for me that God is healing my body. I can't wait to do my blood work in two weeks to see if my CEA comes down again without the most important drug. As of today, my CEA dropped again from 4.7 to 4.3. I know it's not much but it still dropped. The CEA is only a marker for them to see if my body is responding positively or negatively. Someone can have a CEA of 0 and still have cancer, but since my CEA was so high it is extremely positive that it continues to go down. After round 8, I will be having scans done again to measure the progress against my previous scans. I will have the scans done around the 9th of February then getting the results that Friday before treatment. I think that date is the 13th. I'm actually excited to only have one day of treatment this time. Therefore, I won't have to carry around my pump at Deanna's volleyball tournament all weekend. When this Neuopathy goes away in my hands then we will start the 5FU again but only at 25%. Last round we reduced 25% but was still given 75% of that drug. Next time will be reduced by 75% and only being given 25%. Hopefully that makes sense. If I react with the Neuropathy again then we will have to stop this treatment and try another one. Please pray for no reaction to the 5FU at 25%. I really don't want to have to change treatments. Things are going so well...thanks to God!!!! Again, thank you to everyone who continues to keep my family in their prayers. The Lord hears us. Keep it coming.

Much love,



Gayla said...

Good Luck with your treatment! We will keep you in our prayers! Take care of yourself! Tell Deron hi for us!
Love ya all,
Gayla and Connor

Lori said...

Came across your blog by accident I guess, or may it I was just suppose to. Good luck with your treatment and I too hope that this is the one that works and you won't have any trouble from it. If you can, keep us all posted.

gloriaisis1 said...


You're in our thoughts & prayers always!!! Every prayer list possible. You are an amazing gift and will be one of God's great miracles! Your Mom is a walking miracle too! You are always so positive & upbeat making others feel better, now it's our turn! Sweetie, keep up your faith in God!! Love & Blessings, Gloria, Patrick & Katharine

thearringtonclan said...

Hello Kim... Maxine here.. just checking your blog to see how things are going.. Both yourself and my husband Mathew are on round 7 !! Yippeeeeeeee..You are in our Prayers and we hope for a very positive and splendid outcome.. Keep your chin up.. Maxine