Saturday, January 17, 2009

Round 7 is over!

Hello all,

Round 7 was cut short by not having my 46hr. pump due to the side effects with my hands. Deron heard from our doctor yesterday for our plan B in case I have these side effects after round 8. The plan now is to get this Neuropathy to go away before round 8 so I can do the 46hr. pump but only 25% of the normal dose. If I get the Neuropathy from the 25% then we will have to discontinue that drug all together and go into clinical trials. The doctors plan B and C for me all contain this 5FU drug therefore, clinical trials is next. Please pray that this Neuropathy will subside and does not come back so we don't change treatments to go into clinical trials. God's great number is 7. If you read the bible you will understand that. This was round 7 without a main drug. I'm putting it in God's hands that he will take care of me and continue to heal me through this round. Yesterday, I felt nauseous as always on Chemo Friday. I slept most of the day and only got sick once in the evening (or at least I thought it was the evening). I was pretty wiped out. It took everything I had to get up and going today to make it to Deanna's volleyball tournament. We didn't make it there until the last game of the last match but at least we made it. It was awesome. So many of these coaches I either played with, against or coached me or wanted to coach me. Many of them had not seen me since hearing I was diagnosed with cancer. It was my own little reunion. Deanna and I stayed just a bit longer to see a few other teams play before leaving. Her team took 2nd today and play tomorrow morning again. I'll need to be in bed early in hopes of making it there for game time at 8am (say a prayer for that too). I'm feeling good today...just a little slower paced but still good. Here are a few pictures of what chemo day looks like. Not much to it. The nurses all know me and know I like to sleep as soon as the Benadryl kicks in so they make sure we are put in a "room" with a bed so I can sleep instead of trying to lay on a recliner like most others. As you can probably tell my hair is really thin...a hat is required in my book for outings. I need more practice with my wigs because it just doesn't look good like the ladies at the wig shop made it look...Cher come help me please!
Much love,


Stefany Pew said...

I'm so glad I got to see you today! You really do look great for all that you've been going through these past few months. I just love you to pieces and you are such a strength to me!!! Good job Deanna and to her team! Go Club Arrowhead! Woo hoo! I wish I could say the same for my team.....we kind of bombed it today. :(

Miss JRenae said...

So glad round 7 is done...praying for the neuropathy to go bah-bye!!! You are still b-e-a-utiful as ever...long hair, thick hair, little hair or no hair...doesn't are still YOU and your smile is contagious!!! :) xoxo Jamie D.