Sunday, January 11, 2009

January 11,2009...I can't believe it's 2009!

It's so funny when I get text messages about not blogging. They go something like this "What the heck is going haven't updated in a few days". lol Sorry to you all who check on a daily basis. This last week has been a pretty good week. Round 6 was completed last Sunday. It seems that my first day of treatment is getting to be the hardest day. I got sick twice last Friday...I was so upset because I think I should be able to control it. I know...I know...I don't have control of that, but I want to. My hair is thinning so bad now that I won't go out without a hat on. I'll probably start wearing my awesome wigs. Everyone is just amazed that I still have hair. Since I've been taking B6 vitamins twice a day, my Neuropathy hasn't been nearly as bad but it is still there. The past few days I was able to open my own water bottles with very little discomfort. I was so happy. Then today I woke up and was just a bit swollen but couldn't open my water bottle. It gets a bit irritating not being able to accomplish the most simple things in life...but one day at a time. I have accepted and actually enjoy allowing Deron, the kids or my parents to help me to do those things. One other symptom I'm having is what they call Chemo brain... If I don't write about it right away...I forget everything now. I'll be in the middle of a conversation and forget what I was talking about. lol
Deron started with a new squad on swing shift this past week...which is his favorite shift. He has a great group of guys on his squad, so I'm happy for him. He's home between 12pm-1am. It will be much easier for my mom to help me with the kids and put them to bed at home knowing that Deron will be home soon. I think it will be good for this kids as well to be home more...have a bit more of a normal life. When Deron was working graveyard shift, we stayed with my parents a lot. I'm sure that had to be tough for the kids to spend more time at Nana and Grandpa's vs. home.
As of last Friday (chemo day) my CEA count (cancer marker) dropped again from 5.3 to 4.7. This drop is just from round 5. They weren't scheduled to draw for the CEA until before round 7 (this Friday) but they did anyways. I will have scans again next month. God is good!!!!!
I just have to say I've been so amazed at people...from my family to my friends, to the Mormon church who everyday this month has been bringing my family wonderful dinners. Shannon is my neighbor and her entire Ward has rallied together to take care of my family almost this entire month. They are all so sweet and great cooks. Thank you to you all who have already brought food and those that are still scheduled. It means the world to us.
Tonight I got beat in Wii Golf by Deron and Kyrstin. Then when the kids went to bed I got beat in bowling by Deron. I don't know how much I like this Wii. I've never lost so much before in my life. lol I have to say, it has given us more things to do as a family which I love.
Deanna had her first club volleyball tournament this past weekend...they got first! They are awesome. They have another major tournament this weekend at ASU (Fiesta Classic).
Round 7 this Friday...keep the prayers coming. The good Lord hears us all!

Much love,


Rannyjean said...

Kim, thanks for updating when you can & remember, you have lots of prayers going up for you in Washington state.
God IS good, never doubt that!

Stefany Pew said...

I'm glad you updated Kim because I'm one of those that's checks your blog almost daily! We all just love you and love to hear from you.

I'm glad that Deanna's team did well! My team (17-1 East) didn't do so well. Actually, we took last! But this is our first experience in Open and the first tournament was a learning experience for us. We'll do better next time. Lisa's team was on the court next to us (17-1 West) and it was so weird to almost coach against her. I didn't actually play her team but the thought of possibly coaching against her is so weird! LOL!

Keep up your strength and faith Kim! Love you!

Gayla said...

Thanks for updating Kim! It is so good to hear your doing well! We check your blog everyday,sometimes more than once! I called my Dad and told him he needed to call Aunt Barb more often as I know you had said you her having problems with the neuropathy.
Keep working at it -you'll kick Deron's tailon the WII one of these days! :) Wish I were there to help you do it! LOL!! I'd love to see him!
Take care and we are praying and thinking of you! You are an amazing women!! Keep the faith -it's what helps make us strong!
Love to all,
Gayla and Connor Guard