Saturday, December 20, 2008

Round 5 is under way!

Sorry for not updating last night but my first night of chemo is normally my worst night. Again, I lost my dinner last night, but felt better afterwards. My cousin Kristen stayed with me again as she always does on Chemo Friday's. I can't thank you enough Kristen for always being there for me, wiping my face off after getting sick, playing with the kids, fixing whatever needs to be fixed. I love you so much.
As for yesterday, most of you know I received my MRI results....I bet you want to know what they said. I'm happy to announce that our Lord is amazing! My liver tumors are shrinking!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My lungs had no change at all so they are still puzzled on whether or not I have cancer in my lungs. They tested me for Coxi (Valley Fever) when I got to Mayo and that came back negative. So we are all a bit puzzled on what my lungs really consist. They will continue to watch it. My primary tumor is a bit hard to measure considering it is in a hollow area of the body. It showed that it was still there but it is still not causing any issues. The only concern for that tumor is if it started causing obstruction or bleeding...but we all know the Lord is healing my body. I was pleasantly surprised with my Oncologist yesterday. He doesn't really have the best bed side manners but he tried really hard yesterday. I actually saw hope and excitement from him. If he only knew how much that means to a patient, he might be like that a bit more. He is extremely knowledgeable and I feel blessed to have him and the entire team looking after me. His words of encouragement was " Having no change is good at this point...we are better than good." He actually had a smile. My CEA (cancer marker with blood work) also dropped again from 8.5 to 5.3. All positive signs that the good Lord is healing me! I truly believe our Lord has already healed's just taking my body a bit to catch up with what I already know. Today is starting off good. I didn't get out of bed until 2pm because there was no one here to tell me I had to get up. And all who know me, know how much I love my sleep. Tonight I will attempt to eat at a Mexican Food place with my family. Mexican food has always been my favorite but I haven't been able to eat anything spicy for some time now. I'll try a chicken quesedilla or something. Then we are all headed to Glendale Glitters to watch my nieces perform in the annual Christmas dancing. It will be cold but I will be dressed like an Eskimo. Them tomorrow we go to Church and a healing mass in the evening. Thank you to all who continue to support my family whether it is prayers, food, letters of encouragement, means so much to us.

Love you all,



Colleen said...

That is such uplifting news to take us into this blessed holiday season!!! I have been stalking your page all day to find out, and now I can go off to one of many Christmas celebrations we will have! Merry Merry Christmas!!!!

Bruce Mortensen said...


If you're not already taking Emend, ask your oncologist to prescribe that for you before your next round. It helps tremendously with nausea.

Best wishes, you're in our prayers.

Gayla said...

It sounds like your doing wonderful and we are so Thankful that everything is going well. Resting like you did today is good for you, taking care of yourself, is what your family needs you to do the most!
We will continue to keep you in our thoughts and prayers for you and your family,please tell Deron that I think of him often and wish we could be there to help!
Love to all ,
Gayla and Connor
"The Guard Kansas Cousins"

thearringtonclan said...

Hello Kim
We are the Arringtons andfound your blog through Susans..My husband has colon cancer and is on his 3rd round of chemo.. Just wanting you to know that even though we don't know you, you are in our Prayers..Stay strong. Maxine and Mathew

Rainma said...

Praising the Lord right now with uplifted hands and heart for your news.

PHX101x2 said...

Hey Chica!!

I'm so glad for your happy news!! It made my entire day better Friday!!

Let me know a day you are available that I can come play with you!! I can give you a pedicure or do whatever (clean your house, make you food, go shopping with or for you, work on any projects you have...)...I just miss ya. :)

Hope your holidays are fabulous!! Give love to your family for me...esp your mom. :)



p.s. Mike wants to know when he gets to fish with Deron!?