Tuesday, December 23, 2008

December 23rd ALREADY...

Sunday was another wonderful day at church. I've really found so much peace going to the Light House Church. Sunday evening, after my nurse came and unhooked my chemo, we even went to The Church of the Nations and I was honored to have their head pastor and other pastor's pray over me. It was such an amazing feeling.
Monday started with the Neuropathy again. This time it was my hands that swelled up really bad and got very sore, not my feet. It's amazing how much we rely on our hands. It sucked for me...but the kids liked it. They had to feed me, help me dress, put my shoes on and tie them for me, etc. I was feeling good except for my hands. We definitely got laughs out of it. Kiki was feeding me my eggs and biscuits and gravy. I told her I didn't want another bite of eggs and she told me "Yes, Mom, one more bite!" My five year old put me in my place and made me eat one more bite of eggs. lol My doctor wanted me to come in and see someone if this happened this time a round. Therefore, my mom and I got to drive all the way to Scottsdale Monday afternoon and Deron got to take the kids to their doctor. Kiki had been running a fever and was complaining about her throat hurting and Dylan started with a hacky cough. Kiki has Strep and Dylan is starting with a little cold or something so all three (Deron, Dylan and Kiki) are on meds before my counts drop by this weekend. My appointment went well. There is really nothing they can do for this reaction. They need to document every reaction I get so we can make a decision if it gets too bad, whether or not to stop that certain drug which causes this Neuropathy, which happens to be the 46 hr. pump. We continue to massage my arms and legs each day to make sure there is enough blood flow getting to my feet and hands, cold compresses, etc. Today, Tuesday, I'm doing much better...obviously, I'm typing. I'm still just a bit sore and swollen but nothing like yesterday. With only having one day of swollen painful feet or hands...I think I can keep on my same regimen. Things are obviously working and I'm having such little side effects. I'm very blessed! I feel as if I'm getting stronger each round I do.
Christmas day we will be heading to my mom's in the morning for breakfast and open gifts with them and my brother and family. Then off to Aunt Kathy's for the afternoon. Friday we are heading back to the cabin with just Deron the kids and I. We are so excited. There is so much snow...we can't wait! We'll be back on Monday...if we don't get snowed in.

We want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas. Remember the true meaning of Christmas...the birth of Jesus! We love you all!

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John and Carol said...

I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Colon Cancer in 2005. I have been clean ever since but I suffer from neuropathy from the drugs they gave me. I was wondering what drug is causing your neuropathy? I wish you good luck in your battle and keep fighting!!