Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Hall-ah! from Sunny California!

Daniel and I extended our vay-kay and ended up in Cali, visiting cousin Kandus! Her place is 5 min walk from the beach! Daniel & I walked past the condo's that we all stay in & thought of all the good memories that our fantastic fam has shared here! The cabin trip was spectacular and as Kim mentioned the highlight was when we were playing right,left, center (with $) and Dylan announced that his mom has colon cancer and & could any1 give her $ :)
Kandus, Daniel and I are thinking of ya! and sending you positive energy from Cali, sealed with the ocean breeze and good memories!
Luv ya lots!
-Ur 3 crazy cousins! (or mayb just 2) Kandus is a norm-ee who puts up with Daniel and I by default of being related:)

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