Friday, October 24, 2008

Update from Cousin Kandus

This blog has been created to update all of our loving and supportive friends and family on Kim’s fight with colon cancer. The support that Kim has received so far is amazing. She is currently at the Mayo Hospital on the 101 & 56th st. We are lucky to have the best medical team in the valley trying to come up with the best treatment for her. Kim will be starting chemo today. As you all know, Kim is very strong and she will make it through this. Our family has already gone through a few battles with cancer, and everyone has survived. We know that Kim also will survive.

Please visit the page often for updates on Kim and her progress. We are in the process of organizing a fundraising event for a tentative date of November 22nd. This will also be your source for any news regarding the event. If there is anything that you think you can do to contribute, please post a comment or send an email to

Please continue to pray for Kim and our family. Thanks!

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Vinny said...

Kim you have become like a sister to me. I will fight this with you. You are a going to win this. We will pray this through GOD answers prayers. Kim you are one of those women that we read about. You are going to make it through. I had a hard time to pray for you tonight because I never had to pray for someone that close to me. It was hard but as GOD brought me through he will do the same for you. I know you have a lot more life in front of you than you do behind you but we all love you and I my self will stand up and fight this with you. As Isaiah 53:5 says HE was PIERCED for out Transgression, he was CRUSHED for our Iniquities; the punishment brought us PEACE was upon him and BY HIS WOUNDS WE ARE HEALED. Jesus not only died for ours sins but our healing 2000 years ago on that cross. I believe GOD has a huge plan for you we will see you thorugh. Kim thank you