Saturday, October 25, 2008

How it all started...

My name is Kim Miller. I'm a 29 year old mother and wife. My husband, Deron and kids, Deanna 17, Dylan 7 and Kyrstin (aka Kiki) 5 are my world. Deron and I have been married for 8 years on Nov. 12th. I've been an athlete since I was 5 and I've always lived a very active lifestyle. I have the most amazing family with my parents, brother and his family, all my aunts, uncles, and cousins. I would say I've always lived a normal life. I've always been healthy...continued to play my sports...chased the kids around...worked full time...watched and helped coach our kids sports.

Back around June or July I started having some back pain on my lower right rib cage area. I thought nothing of it. Once I could no longer keep the pain away on my own I started seeing my primary doctor. We first thought I had kidney we did an ultra sound of the kidneys...that came out good. Then after the x-ray of the back, MRI of the spine...they all came back fine. I then had an CT scan with contrast of the abdomen....those results showed a large amount of blood vessels at my liver location. Two days later I had an MRI of the abdomen and the radiology department said it was not masses on my was fatty tissue in my liver. We thought we were in the clear. We then thought maybe we were looking at a gallbladder issue. After dealing with my doctors office not getting my next tests going in the time I thought they should...I finally went to Estrella Hospital through the ER. That's when it all started...

I was admitted into Estrella Hospital on October 15th, 2008 for what they call portal vein thrombosis (blood clot in the main vein to the liver). After more tests...that was all clear. Again we came back to the gallbladder issue. I actually had a general surgeon come in the see me about going into surgery to remove my gallbladder. I was not convinced, either was my family. We then had our "angel doctor" Dr. Hector Rodriguez-Luna come into my room at about 8pm. He spent about 45 minutes with us and he as well was not convinced it was a gallbladder issue. He ordered more tests and blood work and he is the one that found my cancer. After my colonoscopy, Dr. Rodriguez came out crying to Deron. He knew from the biopsy, that I had cancer. He has been the most amazing doctor I've ever had the chance to meet. I was diagnosed October 20th, 2008 with stage 4 colon cancer.

I WILL beat this cancer!!! I am young, strong willed, confident and determined! This is just another trial in life. Our Savior, our Lord is with me and will save me from this. I know a lot of good will come from this.

I just completed my first round of chemo therapy at 7pm tonight, October 26th, 2008. I have done wonderful. Within the next couple of weeks...I will be loosing my hair with the chemo I'm taking. I'm expecting it...but I know it might be hard. I'm trying to find out how to tell my kids about losing my hair.

I should be going home tomorrow, Monday, Oct. 27th. I'm excited to get back home to my normal life. I'll be keeping everyone posted on our journey.

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Becky said...

He is a great doc. Caring and thank goodness, he found it!! I will have to give him a high five and around again!!!