Saturday, September 5, 2009

Kim's Life Story

Since Kim was unable to complete letters or a video for Dylan & Kiki, I figured out a way we can help the kids remember important parts of Kim’s life!!

I have set-up an e-mail account ( and am asking each person to write one story (or as many as you can come up with) about a piece of Kim’s life. We (Natalie) have tons of pictures scanned in, so we can add them to the appropriate stories or you can e-mail new/different photos to add.

If we can get stories from Scott, Nan and other family members about her birth, young life, starting sports, etc and build up through her amazing 29 years I think we could put together an awesome book for the kids, Deron, Kim’s parents, etc. that would help to keep Kim close to them. It would also help the kids get answers down the road when they want/need to know about their mother’s life.

I will organize the stories into her life’s timeline, add pictures and have the final product published into hardback books that will keep forever. It would be our own version of Kim’s biography. I will also add her blog to the book in order to complete Kim’s journey from birth to death.

Each of us that love Kim has a different view of her and her life. If we can take the time to jot down a few memories, I think we can make an awesome journal of her amazing 29 years. No story is unimportant…from her birth, fighting with Scott (burning him with the curling iron :) ) shopping to find her prom dress or wedding dress to delivering her babies…fun beach stories from the years of going to San Diego…sports highs and lows (did she have lows?)…anything and everything that makes up Kim’s life story. I’d love to add Scott’s letter from the funeral as well…and hopefully Scott will write more!! We can add all the talks from the funeral…whatever makes this book complete.

This will obviously take some time to complete, so please start now. E-mail me the stories (and let me know if you have or want a picture used) at

I lost my mom to the same cancer when I was 15, so I know how important these pieces of Kim’s life will be to her children. I still have so many questions, and I have no way to find the answers. This will be something Dylan & Kiki will treasure. They will be able to go back through their mother’s life and find funny, sad, exciting & boring stories about their mom. This is one easy way to make sure that in the years to come Dylan & Kiki will be able to reflect back and know how much Kim loved them & what an amazing woman she truly was.


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Anonymous said...

Randi, you and the family amaze me. This is a wonderful gift to give to not only the kids but all members of the family, and a perfect tribute. I will see what I can come up with. Hugs...