Thursday, August 6, 2009

First Radiation Treatment Completed

Kim had her first radiation treatment yesterday on her thoracic vertebrae (upper back) to treat the cancer that has recently shown up there. It was a little uncomfortable for her because on the tight apparatus she had to wear, but like always she was a trooper. She will have 9 more treatments over the next few weeks. Heart rate is down and her pain is being controlled well by the pain pump. Legs continue to be swollen and it sounds like they are considering trying a new diuretic medication soon to see if it will work better than Lasix. She started physical therapy a few days ago and is enjoying that.

I continue to be amazed at the incredible friends Kim has (most she has known from high school) and I enjoy meeting and spending time with all of them when I come to see Kim. Last night her friend Krysal brought homemade chicken and dumplings and a fresh baked pie. I haven't seen Kim eat that much in a long time.....she enjoyed every bite. Kim's cousin was here from Colorado the past couple of days and she is an absolute doll!

There hasn't been any discussion about Kim going home from the hospital at this time and she told me last night she isn't ready to go home yet. She is being well cared for at CTCA and we are blessed to have such an incredible place in our own backyard.



holly said...

Hello Kim, my name is Holly and I recently found your blog through Kelly's Korner. I prayed for you last night and was anxious to read how you were doing this morning.

I needed to write to you today to uphold a promise that I made to my sister who had radiation treatments for breast cancer that had settled on her spine. She wanted everyone who had to have radiation this close to the mouth to tell their radiologist to give them a mouthpiece if they had any fillings from cavities. If not guarded, the fillings will radiate and burn the tongue and sides of the mouth. The mouth guard is similar to that of a football players and is such a simple "fix". She did not have one and her mouth was burnt so bad that she no longer could swallow food or drink even warm water. Her mouth was hurting so bad anyway from the chemo and the radiation just added insult to injury.

I no longer have my sister, but I will forever uphold my promise to her and try to help those who are undergoing radiation treatments so they do not have to suffer.

I will continue to pray for you and your family and admire your strength and faith in God.

Holly McMullen

Jennifer said...

Hi Kim, It's Jen (Kyleigh's Mom) Shannon's friend.
I just have to say, Your blog is beautiful, I pray for you and your family,Through God Everything is possible, and I know you can Conquer All that is brought your way, You have the most lovely team fighting for you!! You are Amazing!!

Anonymous said...

Kim - KEEP FIGHTING. This is just another battle in the war. We'll get there. I'm hoping to come and see you this weekend. Have someone call me if you guys need anything.

I am SO SO SO proud of you. You are truly my inspiration. All my love, prayers, and positive energy to kick that cancer's ass is coming to you - I had my turn. Now, it's yours. We have SO MUCH WORK to do.

And, when we start advocating together, these are all stories that we will be able to tell others.


Gayla said...

Hey Kim,
Round 1 done and keep up the excellent work!! We are pulling and praying for you back here!!
Give those kids a squeeze and a bear hug to Deron for us!
You are so amazing Kim!!
Love to all,
Gayla and Connor

Carol Urban said...

Hi all. I wanted to let you know that my PET scan showed spots and lymph node activity after one year being cancer free (initial diagnosis Stage 3 Colon Cancer Sept 2007). I started back on chemo on Tuesday and was unplugged yesterday. I am so inspired by all Kim is able to do and the ground she has gained since going to CTCA! Amazing. Keep up the good work and God bless!

Astraea said...

We are a new PVE family and found your blog through the PTO website. We are praying for you daily along with our church Trinity Lutheran in Litchfield Park.

Kim, you are an amazing and beautiful woman. May God's healing grace cover you and keep you safe.

M.M.M. said...

I'm a stranger who found your blog through Susans. I just wanted to tell you how your positive spirit inpspires me-you will be in my prayers as you continue to fight!

Lisa said...

Hi Kim,
You don't know me but I recently found your blog while reading the Pay It Forward story last month. I am moved by your fighting spirit and determination to beat cancer. You have a beautiful family and what seems like an army of good friends supporting you every step of the way. I just wanted you to know that there are many others, like me, who found your blog by chance and now pray for you every day as well. I will continue to send prayers and positive thoughts your way. Good luck and God Bless...