Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Having an AWESOME Time in San Diego

Big THANKS go to Natalie for taking such wonderful pictures of our family on the beach!!!! Kim has been doing real well since we got here on Saturday. The new pain meds are working much better and she is breathing much easier. We are all excited about her upcoming appointment at Cancer Treatment Centers of America on Monday. We are hoping they have some new treatment regimens for Kim to try.

Aunt Kathy


Stefany Pew said...

Kath---the pictures are gorgeous!! Kim truly had an amazing glow to her the entire time during those pictures. I'll never forget how beautiful and strong she looked walking down those stairs to the sand. She's my hero in every sense of the word!! I love her so much!! I'm so glad and thankful that I had the opportunity to be there for this photo shoot. It's something I will NEVER forget. Hope you are still having a blast! I'm jealous and sad I had to leave so early. Wish we could've stayed and hung out with you guys more. You have an amazing family!

Garrett said...

Great pictures guys! Kim you look amazing! We hope you are having a great time in Sunny San Diego. We are getting ready to head back to Beloit for Gen & Lib's 70th wedding anniversary, so we'll print these pictures off and show them just how great you look!

Keeping you in our prayers,
Garrett & Katie

Cassandra said...

Wow Kim you look AMAZING! Thank you for sharing the pictures. It looks like you guys are having a blast. :)