Sunday, June 28, 2009

So glad to be home...

Sorry its been a while since I've been on to update. I've been relaxing at home and my mom's house. Not much has been going on. I've been having BM's every day and there is no sign of blood. I thank God everyday. We have changed my next treatment to be this up coming Thursday instead of the following Monday. Our thought process is to give enough time after treatment to recover before we leave for San Diego. We only have 2 weeks left. I can't wait to be a beach bum.
Wednesday night, Erin stayed the night with us. We stayed up after putting the kids down and watched Bride Wars. Let me rephrase that...I watched the movie while Erin fell asleep during the movie.
Friday, Sammy and Scott came over and made an incredible halibut and salmon dinner...the kids even loved it. They also stayed the night and even made breakfast the next morning. I have the most incredible friends.
My first real venture out was yesterday. I went to my nieces dance recital. They did so good. Landyn was so adorable in her dance and shaking her booty. Jaden really impressed about personality with dance. She had so many dances. I asked her how she is able to remember all those dances. Her response..."A lot of practice." She is doing awesome.
Today, Sunday, Erin has come back over to spend the day with the kids and I.

Thank you to everyone for your continued prayers.




Carol Urban said...

Wonderful! It is so nice when you don't see anything in the BMs. That is so scary. I was so thankful when I finally had solid BMs again. :)

Girl, I am praying you are strong enough for your trip to the beach. Have a wonderful time! You SO deserve it!

Rebecca said...

I hope we get updates while you are at the beach! And lots of pics! The ocean heals both the mind and body. Go see the ocean at night. I believe this is the time of year that the ocean has a red color.
Guess you won't need your quilt for this trip. LOL
Love you!

Ksboysmom said...

So good to hear you are feeling better,we will be thinking of you this week at chemo!
Most of all enjoy your vacation to Sand Diego! Connor and I keep thinking we will come out and see Aunt Barb and Bob. Would love to see (and meet you) the entire family! If you see them please givem em a hug for me!
Love to all and tell that good looking cousin of mine Hello!LOL! Honestly, he reminds me alot of my dad at that age - he looks alot like Don but I see alot of my Dand and our Grandpa Guard in him!!LOL! I bet Deron will get a kick out of that!
Take care of yourself, rest and relax now so you can enjoy the beach !