Thursday, May 14, 2009

Today's plan

Today, Thursday, I will be under going an open lung biopsy. This is a pretty major procedure. I will be knocked out just like a normal surgery. The surgeon will be going through my left side, spreading my rib cage and cutting a chunk of my left lung off to have these little spots tested to finally find out what is in my lungs. I will be in ICU for at least 24 hours. My surgery isn't until 5pm. I will have a wonderful tube coming out of my chest for at least 2-3 days. They say it is very painful but I'll be on a morphine drip so we'll see how I do. I'm a bit nervous knowing that a machine will be breathing for me during this procedure but the doctors and surgeons say it's no big deal. Yeah, easy for them to say. If everything goes okay...which it will...they say I should be able to go home by Monday. I'm ready to get this show on the road. I'm curious to see how my body will handle this new chemo. It did great before, so I anticipate the same results this time. It's taken me a few days to get over my shock, disbelief and tears. I'm sure I may have a few more tears before this next 6 months of chemo is over...but that's okay. I'm ready to fight like hell AGAIN!!!!!
Thank you to everyone for your kind and encouraging words. Our prayers were heard before and I'm sure God will hear us again. I'll have Deron or my Aunt Kathy update tonight to let you know how I do in the surgery.



Angela Mayo said...

Kim, I was thinking of you and wanted to check up on you! You are a strong woman and I'll be sending you (and Deron) lots of love and prayers for your lung biopsy today and for your upcoming treatment!

Miss JRenae said...

PRAYING for YOU and your FAMILY...always!!! Keep your dukes are a FIGHTER...and like I have told you before...I have Faith in our dear Lord...and Faith in YOU!!! YOU will, and YOU can do this!!! xoxo-J

Tina said...

Hi Kim, I'll be thinking about you and praying for you tonight and the next few days.
When I had my surgery in Feb. to remove the tumor from my colon they put me on a pain killer called dilauded. Worked much better than morphine for me, but everyone is different. If you still have pain with the morphine you could ask for it.
Take care!

OBY said...

Hi Kimmy
I'll be thinking of you tonight.
hows your mom doing,? Your a strong
women and you have a Heavenly Father that is the Great Phycian,
He will be right there with you in surgery tonight.
God Bless, I Love You

Carol Urban said...

It's 6:20 p.m. here East Coast time. I've been praying a couple times a day, every day since I found your blog.

You are a strong woman and God still does miracles so I will continue to pray for that!

God bless you and your family.

Anonymous said...

Kim - Know that you have SO MANY people pushing their positive energy towards you and the family, and praying for you. You will make it through this, just like you made it through everything else. We will make it, together, through this next round of your chemo, and (as I said) I am willing to shave my head for you. :-) Much love....

Shannon said...

Carson just said a prayer for was really cute. He prayed for you to have lots of fun when you get better, he asked for the Dr. to do his best and, again, for you to have fun when you get better! I'm liking the way he thinks. Love to you and your family.

Gayla said...

Kim ,

Will continue to say a prayer for you and your family - I know the next few days will be rough and then you can recover and get on with the chemo! Take care of yourself and we will check in on you again.

Love ya all,
Gayla and Connor