Monday, May 18, 2009

Hopefully Discharged Today

Kim did not go home from the hospital yesterday, but hopefully today will be the day. They found a small pneumothorax (2 mm) in her left lung and she is still anemic. She remains in good spirits and her pain is less and less each day.

Angel Doc (Dr. Rodriquez - GI Doc who finally diagnosed Kim), came in yesterday afternoon to visit Kim which was very enjoyable for all of us. He isn't on Kim's case right now, but wanted to check on her and give her a big hug. The rest of us, including Dylan and Ki Ki got big hugs from him as well!

Samantha took Dylan and Ki Ki on a shopping spree to buy summer clothes yesterday. She wore Nan and the kids out after 3 hours, but you wouldn't believe the adorable outfits she got the kids. Samantha you are sooooo awesome to do this!! I wish you all could of seen the big smile on Kim's face when Samantha showed her all the great purchases. The kids are growing so fast that it is hard to keep them in clothes that fit. They will be the best dressed kids on the block for sure!!

Aunt Kathy

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