Friday, April 17, 2009

Results day...or so we thought

Today was kind of a disappointing day to an extent. We were under the impression that we would get our game or extend chemo. We got NO game plan. Instead of the radiologist at Banner Thunderbird doing a comparative report on the Pet Scan from November and the one on Tuesday, then the radiologist at Banner Estrella doing a comparative report on the MRI from Wednesday with the MRI's from two months ago, one person did a report combining the Pet Scan and MRI. We needed to know if the lymph nodes were clear...not mentioned in the report. Would have liked to have know the size of the tumors now...not mentioned in the report. Really the only thing mentioned in the report that had any importance to what we were looking for was that they now only see 1 tumor in the liver. There were 3 visible in the last MRI two months ago. Yes...that is awesome news! However, I was disappointed that now we need to wait til some time next week so Mayo's radiologists can review the images (that I brought cause they were not sent) and come up with their own report. The images will also be sent to our liver surgeon so he can review them as well. So...our game plan is to "HURRY UP AND WAIT!!!!" Sorry to sound so frustrated but I need a game plan. I want to know what is next. This waiting game is irritating. But we did get great news about my liver. The chemo I'm on (Irinitecan and Avastin) have not been researched to be used together without the 5FU drug that I can not take...but it's still working. There is only one explanation for that...God is so good!!!!! We meet with our new Oncologist on Monday.

And as for the rest of my family...
My mom took Dylan and Kyrstin to the doctor today while Deron and I were at Mayo for our appointment. My mom and Kyrstin have Strep throat and Dylan has all the symptoms to be getting it very soon. I have a viral infection that hopefully doesn't turn into Strep. The kids and I have had slight fevers but nothing over 100.4 degrees. For me, over 100.4 means a trip to the hospital. With my immune system being so low, if a fever gets to 100.4 then my body will not be able to stop it on its own. No fevers!!!!

I'll keep you all posted as soon as we hear something next week. Have a great weekend.

Much love,


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Rannyjean said...

First of all my prayers are going out to you, your mom, Kyrstin and Dylan for a speedy uneventful (non-sharing) recovery. To you and Deron for strength and the ability to endure this wait. I am praising God for the good news you did have to share!