Thursday, April 2, 2009

Great News...Thank you Father God!!!!

This last week has been very stressful. I've been going over in my head "How can my tumors be shrinking and going in the right direction and the cancer spread to my bones at the same time?" It's been driving me crazy on how that could be possible. In the last two days I've had a bone mineral density scan, full body bone scan, MRI of the Thoracic spine, MRI of the Lumbar spine and a check up with my angel doctor (Dr. Rodriquez), my GI doctor. The density scan came back NORMAL, my bone scan also came back NORMAL (NO CANCER IN THE BONES!!!!!!), MRI's were just completed this afternoon but I'm sure they will be fine. My fracture in my spine is actually an anterior wedge fracture, therefore, my two vertebrae are pretty much teeter tottering to one side almost touching each other. So, I'm sure my MRI will show a bulging disk at T6. I don't believe this is a new fracture. I actually had an MRI of the spine back in Sept. before we found the cancer and it stated a bulging disk...I just can't remember where in the spine (go figure). I've probably had this problem for a few years and it just decided to really flare up on my this past weekend.
The need for my GI appointment was due to me having some bleeding for about 5 days last week after my last chemo treatment. I am now on two major high risk bleeding drugs in my chemo, so I was bleeding really easily. My Oncologist wanted the GI to check everything out to make sure it was my "little friends" vs. internally bleeding. As my nurse put it, "they want to make sure that I won't bleed out after my next treatment"...nice! It was so awesome to see my angel doctor again. I haven't seen him since I left the hospital back in October. He printed out my different scan reports over the last few months and was so excited to see that we have made such great progress.
All of my reports from this weeks scans and Dr. appointments were fax to my team at Mayo and I got the phone call at 4:45pm that they are letting me get my treatment tomorrow. I've never been so excited to get a chemo treatment. This means that early next week I will have a PetScan done. Please pray for clear lymph nodes!!!!!!! If they are clear then we will be talking about surgery. Yeah!!!
I was thinking today about all the people that read this blog that I know and don't know, that see me on a regular basis and the ones I don't see and all the "intimate details" you know about my life and body parts. lol After two kids and all the test in the hospitals over the last 6 months...there is no modesty
Thank you to all. I also wanted to say thank you to all the wonderful families that continue to feed us, Shannon and Paula that get everything scheduled for us and to Beth and Jimmy who have pretty much become the adopted parents to my children, especially on chemo weekends. God has put the most incredible people in my life to help us continue to hold our heads high and continue to fight! You all mean the world to Deron and I.

So much love,



KA said...

Such wonderful, wonderful news. Praise God! Please know you and yours continue to be in our thoughts and prayers. Hugs and love to all of you!

Gayla said...

As always , our thought and prayers are with you and Deron and family! I'm so glad to here the tests were good! Sounds like everything is going right and hopefully soon you can have surgery.
I hope someday we will be able to see you all and maybe we can meet you! I would love to see Deron and meet his family! I'd love to see Deb as well and meet her family! It seems like yesterday we were all at Grandma's playing! Guess a few years have passed though! LOL!

Take care of your self ! And give our love and hugs to Deron as well!

Love ya all,
Gayla and Connor

Briana said...

Excellent news...We'll be praying for great test results!

To answer the question left on my blog, I had the colon resection surgery back in November, along with the removal of ovaries and omentum. They weren't able to operate on my liver at the time b/c it was too engrossed with cancer, but it's shrunk so much that we're finally able to move forward. Hooray!

I love checking in on you. Keep up the faith and strength. You're not alone!