Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Round 11 and Disneyland...

We had such a great time in Disneyland. We got to ride a bunch of rides...waited in line for 2 hours to see Princesses...ate so much food, etc. By the end of the second day of walking, I started to get a little sore...but that good sore when you work out. I just haven't had that sore feeling in quite a while. As soon as I get the camera developed (since my digital battery went out) I will put pictures up.
Round 11 went just like the others...tired on Friday, just a bit better on Saturday and getting a bit of energy back on Sunday. Last Thursday we had our genetics appointment. With the testing Mayo has completed, it has been ruled 95% that my cancer is NOT hereditary for our children. The last 5% test will be completed after surgery. Obviously we will have both kids start being tested by the age of 18. Over the next 11+ years, I can only imagine what we will understand about Colon Cancer.
April 3rd will be my next treatment then scans that following week. If the Pet Scan shows my lymph system to be cleared then we will talk surgery. If it is not cleared yet then we are talking about extending treatment for an additional 2 months then redo scans at that time. Therefore, I am asking everyone to say a few extra prayers that my lymph system is cleared! Our good Lord has been hearing us. Let's not let down now. Thank you again for everyone's support.

Much love,



Becca said...

I just sent you a couple pictures with Mulan. : )

Prayers coming your way from Omaha--believe that you will be healed. God Is Great!


Rannyjean said...

Your family really needed the break Kim, so glad you could all get away and enjoy this time together. We continue to keep you in our prayers!

KA said...

Please know you continue to be in our thoughts and prayers. Hugs and love to you and yours!