Friday, March 6, 2009

Round 10 is over...

My dearest friend Erin took the day off work today to take me to chemo while Deron is on his vacation. I have mixed emotions as this past week has been very difficult emotionally. Most couples have the normal marital issues with keeping up good communication, etc. This has been a challenge for us as well. Now put an unbelievable amount of stress with this situation on top of the normal challenges and you then have my life right now. Deron and I cope with stress very different, we communicate differently, our priorities are different, etc. I have been so mad and stressed out this past week that I know I can not continue to feel like this and get better at the same time. We will be starting counseling this next week separately then as a couple then as a family with the kids. We are committed to working on this but it will take time. I was concerned about my CEA counts with having so much negative energy around me. My CEA went from 4.0 on 2-19-09 up to 4.5 today. I spoke with my nurse who spoke with my doctor. My scans show positive response and the CEA is still within the normal guidelines. They both really want us to get into counseling to help us cope with this. They say it is very normal for couples and families to have a hard time with this type of situation. I am going to have to focus on me to get better. Not trying to fix everything else for my family is going to be a challenge for me. I'm normally trying to fix everything and make everyone happy so to focus just on me will be very different. I'll keep you posted. I'm pretty drained today but my nausea seems to be not too out of control. Tomorrow I'm taking the kids to the Spring Training game for the Goodyear Little League day at the park. It should be fun. I got tickets for my parents to join me to help me out. The kids will be in a little parade at 11am and the game starts at 1pm. Sunscreen, water, and ballpark food...we'll have fun.
Deron will also be coming home to a few cosmetic changes to our house. The painting I've wanted to do for the last 4 years has been done this week while he has been gone. With the help of my brother, sister-in-law, mom and dad we have completed an accent wall in the great room, kitchen, Kiki's pink and brown bedroom and my friends Vicki and Melissa are coming over tomorrow after the game to help me with Dylan's outer space room. I'll take pictures when we are all done.



Jill said...


You are amazing and you are an inspiration. You keep that beautiful chin up and remember God is good!

Rannyjean said...

Please, please, take it from a retired dispatcher, stop and take care of you first. Get rid of the stress, it is not good for you or your body. Hang in there sweetie, I am keeping you in my prayers.

thearringtonclan said...

Hello Kim
I was reading your blog today and felt for you.. You sound so down and please get the counseling..This is the time to draw closer together than ever. My husband Mathew did his 7th round of chemo and been so very sick on and off since then BUT despite this ordeal we try always to remain positive.. Please read our updates on our blog and pull some strength from us.. We will be Praying for you and your family to be united in this trial.. Chin up..