Saturday, February 28, 2009

Surgery update...

Well...I received a phone call today from my nurse and the head surgeon has denied surgery right now. Today has been an emotional day. I really got my hopes up and thought I was one step closer to getting rid of this cancer. I've cried a few times today from being so disappointed. I'm being reminded by my family that we are still moving in the right direction. Tumors are still shrinking...and it's good news that they even considered checking into surgery. I'm reminding myself of all those things but it's still hard to get your hopes so high to then be so bummed. I've had my day of crying so positive feelings from here on out. I will be meeting with this head surgeon this coming week (I think this week) to go over his reasoning and game plan. I'll keep you posted. For now, Chemo is my friend...round 10 next Friday.

Come out and see us at the Yard Sale! There is sooooo much's awesome. Thank you to everyone who has donated items and time for this. And thank you to my wonderful cousin for hosting this massive yard sale at her house for me. I love you!



2 Pretty Sisters said...

I'm sure the doctor has good reason...he knows what's best. I know you're disappointed, but you have come SO far- you are amazing!! Think positive...only good can come from this- another step in the right direction!!

I love you!! You amaze me!!



Gayla said...

I totally agree Kim - it is still a step in the right direction , you want to do things at the right time....we will continue to keep you in our prayers ..wish we could have been there for the yard sale! Unfortunatley, it's not quite in our neighborhood! LOL!!
Have a good week and we will check in again next week!
Take care and love to all!

Gayla and Connor