Thursday, January 1, 2009

Round 6 is tomorrow...

I hope everyone had a blessed Christmas! I also wish you all a wonderful and blessed New Year! 2009 will be good! This update will be shorter...I'm a bit tired tonight. The cabin was amazing. Deron felt right at home and calls it a five star cabin. I'll get pics posted as soon as I ask Kandus to help me do a slide show. The fire dept. happened to be on the road to the cabin with a back hoe plowing driveways for the snowed in people. Our drive had not been plowed yet. Therefore we would have had no way of getting to the cabin with the 4 ft. wall of snow blocking the drive. Thank you Lord for putting those men there for us.
I'm still having a bit of issues with the Neuropathy in my hands. Each morning I've been waking up with swollen hands so it makes the simple things, hard. Again, this is my only symptom so I'm feeling pretty lucky.
We got home late Monday night. Tuesday my in laws got to town in the afternoon. They drove from their home in Oregon this time ILO Cali. 21 hours of thank you! We then went to the Insight Bowl Game Wednesday with them. Deron's side the family went to KU and those KU people are die hard fans. It was awesome to be a part of that experience. Thanks Dad. We were all so tired from being at the tail gate party, pregame, and game that after dinner (which was at 9pm) we all went home and fell asleep. I was in bed at 11pm. I woke up to hearing neighbors cheering and lighting firecrackers. I woke Deron up just enough to get a quick peck on the lips, said Happy New Years, and we fell back asleep. My poor mom waited up til 3am waiting for me to call her. I've always called her at midnight...I've also always been up at midnight. Today we all hung out at my house, ate so much food...all day long, watched football and then Deron, his dad, step mom, and uncle all played each other in a round of Golf on the Wii. That was quite comical. I start round 6 tomorrow. Chemo is my friend....chemo is my friend. That's what I tell myself. I've been feeling awesome. I'm loosing hair at the normal rate you normally loose hair but I'm not regrowing any right now. The top of my head is getting pretty thin but still looking okay. I have not had any fevers, even when my counts are dangerously low. Thank you Lord again for always looking out for me and healing me!!!!! I love you all and I hope 2009 is awesome for you!!!!
Much Love,


Pew Family said...

Sounds like you had a fun and busy holiday week! You are so blessed to be surrounded by such an amazing family.

Go kick round 6 in the butt Kim!!! You are so strong! Love you!!

Gayla said...

So glad you guys had fun at the Bowl game! GO KU!! -okay you have to root for Ku when K-State doesn't make it to a bowl game! :)
I hope round 6 is going well so far and that your hands are getting better !
We have you guys in our prayers and hope all the family is doing well!
Give Deron a hug for me and Aunt Barb, Bob and Debbie as well! Feel free to give Deb my email address as well!

Love ya,
Gayla and Connor

thearringtonclan said...

Hello Kim
I got your blog through the Turleys and wanted to let you know we keep up with it.. My husband Mathew is also on his 6th round of chemo.. 1/2 way there TODAY !!!!!!
Feel free to check out our blog..
You are in our Prayers..Stay positive..

Phyllis81 said...

My brother-in-law was diagnosed with stomach cancer, a tumor, in Sept. 2008. He was told that he would need some chemo, then they would operate, then a little more chemo, and he should be fine. Well, they operated on him in Oct. 2008. They sewed him right back up and told him that he had a tumor the size of a fist, it was at stage 4, and it was spreading. They said there was nothing that they could do for him except a little more chemo. We all started to pray and were led to some websites that tell that cancer is a fungus and can be killed very easily with sodium bicarbonate, simple baking soda. So, he cancelled his chemo and started a regimine of a teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water 2 to 3 times a day. Plus he took coral calcium, caprylic acid, beta glucan, which is an immune system building enzyme, and he had his oncologist prescribe an antifungal called, diflucan. He did this for a month and a half. He had his MRI on Dec. 31st and his appointment with his oncologist Jan. 5th 2009. The doctor could find not tumor, no cancer, no nothing. He is cancer free and the doctor can not explain where the tumor/cancer went. Praise God!!! Please try the baking soda. It is worth trying and the success rate in staggering. Please check these websites: www,
God is watching over you. Youare in our prayers!!!