Sunday, December 7, 2008

Round 4 completed...

I write tonight with so many mixed emotions. This past week has been a very difficult week for my family and friends. As many of you know, Susan Turley, 25, Natty's friend that I had the great pleasure of meeting at Mayo hospital passed away Friday evening from her battle with Colon Cancer. Friday, Susan was so heavy on my heart...I cried while I prayed that the Lord would take away all her I knew he was calling her home. I was not very shocked to hear the news that next morning....yet very sad. Saturday morning was yet another hard day. Not only was it the day my cousins laid their grandpa to rest who past earlier in the week but also...if there could be an also...Smitty, Grandma Virginia's long time companion in life also passed away from complications with his cancer. I'm trying to keep my head held high and just thank God everyday, many times a day, for his continued blessings on my life.
Back to Friday at our doctors appt. before Chemo started, we did get some good news. With my liver being affected from this cancer, it has been showing high levels which is not so good. As of my blood work Thursday, my liver functions are back to normal. We will be completing new scans on the 15th to receive my results at the end of that week. We will definitely keep you posted.
When Deron and I left Mayo Friday evening, I was not feeling too hot. Sure enough after my mom and Kristen and I said prayers, I grabbed my blanket and lost my dinner. I felt better after though...I just hate getting sick. Saturday was pretty low key at home and I felt pretty good all day. The kids and I spent the night with my parents Saturday night as well as tonight. While Deron is working nights, I'm really not wanting to be alone.
Today, Sunday, we got up and got to church back at the Light House Church. Dylan had no problem going into the children's ministry but Kiki would not leave my she went with Nana and I. Dylan had a blast and can't wait to go back next week. Kiki said next week she will go with Dylan and the other kids. After church we went to Johnny Rockets for the benefit day for my family. It was nice to see my family and friends drive all the way up to Happy Valley Rd. just to have lunch for our cause. Thank you to all who made it up there...I know it was far for most of us. Then back to the house to meet my home care nurse to get unhooked. Round 4 is officially over. After my nap this afternoon, I've been feeling a bit nauseous but hopefully I can get through the night without loosing my dinner. Oh and I still have some hair. It's been doing pretty good lately. We shall see if I loose it or not. They expected it to all go between days 8-14 after my first round. That was a month and a half has definitely thinned quite a bit but not enough to shave it yet. Thank you all for your continued prayers. With all the good marks with my blood work...the Lord hears us! Please pray for Susan, her husband and entire family as they go through this hard time as well as my family with the two deaths we have experience this past week.
Much love and thanks to everyone who continues to bring us have no idea how much that helps us out. That is just one less worry for us. Thank you !!!
Love you all,


zm said...


I found a link to your blog on Susan's blog and read some of your writing. I see that you have a spirit similar to that of my sister. Thank you for thinking of her in spite of your own illness, for being her friend, and for your prayers on her behalf. I know that she is resting in Paradise, and that one day we will understand why the Lord in His wisdom decided that now was her time to go.

My family and I pray for the Millers, that you will be granted the strength to persevere and the miracle of healing.

Zach Mortensen

Bruce Mortensen said...


Keep your chin up, keep your spirits up, and keep praying. We are praying for you.

Bruce Mortensen
Susan's Dad