Sunday, November 16, 2008


Yesterday started off very early...we are not early risers. Not one of us got a full nights sleep so waking up at 5:45am was not exactly a joy for Deron, the kids or myself. However, it was a very important day for me. Grumpy as can be, all four of us made it to the Colon Cancer Walk in Tempe. I had to take an anti nauseous pill once we got there from all the driving. Deron I love you but your driving was horrible that morning. lol It was pretty chilly when we started registration. I couldn't believe me eyes when I saw the first guy run by me at 7am wearing nothing but bright blue briefs....yes...briefs...not boxer briefs with a sweat band around his head! It was so neat to see every ones sense of humor about colon cancer. If you can think of any butt jokes...we probably saw them all. It was a little emotional for me to see so many people all there to support colon cancer....and to know that all of these people have been affected in some way from this disease. The highlight of my morning was when Robyn McDowell (one of my GCC coaches) found me in the massive crowd and gave me the biggest Robyn hug she had...Robyn has the best hugs. We cried just a bit and I was off to walk the 1 mile portion of the race. Robyn and her very large family was walking the 3.25 mile walk. I felt honored to have Deron, my kids, my parents, my father-in-law and Kerri Jo (all the way from Oregon), Scott (brother) and his family, Scott's mother-in-law (who is also a breast cancer survivor- Yeah MeeMa!), Uncle Roy, Uncle Roy's friends, Aunt Karrie, Kristin, Daniel and my Aunt Callie all there to support me and the many other Colon Cancer families. Cher has a few pictures I'll have her post our group photo from the walk. She also has one I saw with Deron holding one hand and my brother on the other side of me holding my other hand as we walked and talked. Thank you Cher for taking those pictures. The walk ended and I felt really good. We headed home to take a nap for the evening event while the rest of the group went on the eat some where.

The evening event was the Gun's vs. Hoses Football game. The kids and I went down to the field and Deanna took Dylan and Kiki onto the field so Dylan could call the coin toss. He was so excited! There was so many people that attended the football game. The proceeds of last nights game went to our most recent fallen officer with Phoenix Police for his surviving young wife and child as well as a portion coming to my family. They spoke a bit about me and the blog which was very cool. The most amazing part of that night was after the game. The fire department did pull off the victory this year 13-12. It was a close game. Anyways, after the trophy was given to the fire department, I was called down onto the center of the field where everyone cheered for me. It got a bit emotional. Then out came the clippers. Deron lead his team in shaving his head for me since I will be bald with him very soon. What was so amazing was Paul Lovejoy (our dear friend from the Hoses team) started shaving Deron's head and them Deron shaved Paul's head. After that, the lines formed. Most everyone from the Police team and the Fire team all got down and shaved their heads for me. Men on the Fire team would get their heads shaved and then come an introduce themselves to me because we had never met. Men that have never met me never thought twice and shaved their heads in honor of my fight. I was so touched. So much of my family was there and they couldn't believe what they were was so awesome! I know Susan Mercy has a picture of the ending result with me in the middle of all these bald men. I can't express correctly my gratitude to everyone last night...Chad Waltz especially for putting on the entire event. Thank you Chad! After the shaving and before the final picture, my childhood friend Vinny led our massive group of police and fire families in a wonderful prayer. I love to be in his prayers...his message is so uplifting. Thank you Vinny. Anytime you want to pray come on over. I will get a few of these picture up soon. That is when I can get them to Cher who knows how to upload these photos.
After the game the Doyle's were kind enough to have everyone over for an after party. I just had to go. Jeff and Susan were kind enough to bring me home at midnight. I was pretty tired...all that water I drank at the party was really hitting me at that point. lol Deron stayed for just a bit longer to hang out with all the guys. I have to say that the City of Goodyear has the best public safety group out there. What other City does the Police and Fire Departments have such an awesome relationship. Deron and I are so grateful for all of you.
We are now off to a movie birthday party for Kiki. It's nice because the whole family can join. We are seeing Madagascar 2. I know you are jealous!
Much love,



gloriaisis1 said...

Hi Kim,

I wish I would have been able to go to the events last night or would have known prior to yesterday. You are such a blessing to all you come in contact with. You have always gone above and beyond to help others in need and we are here for you & your family for anything at all that you may need. You & your family are in our thoughts & prayers. We would love to help in any way we can. Please let us know any way we could help. I will look into a fund raising event for you and some way to help you & your family. Take care & God bless you & your family.

Gloria, Patrick & Kate Lee

Rainma said...

I can't imagine why Deron's driving would be so bad (maybe he is better on 2 wheels).
Thank you for your blog, it keeps me a bit connected with your family and the you are right, the City of Goodyear has an amazing fire and police department. Please send me pics!
We prayed for you today at my church here in Aberdeen. Then I was told I have and will continue to see miracles. I am claiming a miracle for you Kim and your family.
Blessings abundantly!

Jean or Jeannie or the Quilting Dispatcher, it is one and the same!

Becky said...

How are you lady??? I have to say what ultimately impressed me, was that you could throw catch with your husband better than he could? Before baseball practice:) Josh and I have had you and and your family in our prayers. You all have been on my mind since the day I saw you n your husband. Be strong girl!!! You can kick this thing!!!
-Becky (Josh's mom)

Turley Tales said...

Hi Kim!

I'm just finally venturing back to the computer a couple minutes a day, but my family has been reading your blog to me to keep me up to date on how you are doing. I'm still taking my baby steps here... hopefully we'll be able to touch base soon!

You look great in the pictures, and I'm so glad to see all the support and turn out you had at your events last weekend :)

Keep fighting, talk to you soon :)


Coach Lopez said...

Hi Kim,

I just want to tell you that you are truely amazing. I haven't had a chance to see you or Deron. I just want to tell you, that you and your family are in our thoughts and prayers. I read the story in the news paper and I was in shock. I know your a fighter and you will pull though this just like you did through all the rough times in softball. If there is anything I can do to help, please contact me at work. I am going to try to go this weekend to the event. Take care, Coach Lopez

KEEP FIGHTING, Talk to you soon KIM