Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The past two days have been good. My new hair do is staying put...kind of. To be honest, I haven't brushed it much. Each time I do I lose more hair. When I get a bit closer to just shaving my head, I think we will make it a family event...Daddy shave one part, Dylan shaving another, and Kiki another. I think making it a family event will be more fun and easier for the kids. Actually, it will be easier on me to have the kids a part of this step. I'm sure they will be fine.

Today I was blessed to have a gentleman named Jonathon Cooper from the AZ Republic come to my home to interview Deron and I so he could write a story in this Saturday's Southwest paper. Today also happens to be our 8 year Anniversary. It is also my brother and Cher's 4th Anniversary. Jonathon was so pleasant and easy to talk with. It was also therapeutic for me to think back on how it started, the days in the hospital, the times with friends and my amazing family. It was good to even talk about how Dr. Rodriquez talked with Deron before the colonoscopy about his belief of me having colon cancer...then Deron breaking the news to me. It was neat to talk about what a role model my mom is for me. She knows first hand how important your belief in God is and how a positive mental attitude plays such a huge role in healing. These two aspects should always be the driving force of everyday regardless if you are fighting for your life or not. It's a shame it takes something like this to make us remember. I thank our Lord everyday for bringing me back to him as well as everyone of my friends and family. This experience has already brought so much good to my life as well as my family's. It is so neat to see comments from people I haven't had the opportunity to meet yet that say I've inspired them. That is the best feeling. I'm really excited for the Colon Cancer Walk this Saturday morning and then the Guns vs. Hoses football game that night. It will be a long day but so worth it. I hope to see you all there for the game. It should be a blast watching the flag football game that always turns out to have a few tackles in it. Goodnight! Don't forget to thank God for all the things he does for you everyday.
Love you all!!


cwiley said...

Kim, you don't know me but I know your mother. Our son, Richard, played soccer with your brother, Scott (ask her if she remembers when we spent a morning in San Diego looking for his retainer in a dumpster!). Nan and I also worked together at Honeywell. I remember her being so proud of your volleyball accomplishments. My husband, Paul, and I, were very saddened to hear about your cancer challenge. But after reading your blog this morning, it sounds like you have the best medicine (God, love and family) and attitude. I wanted to share a story about a friend of ours in Texas who was on a liver transplant list and one of the things he did to overcome his Hepatitis C (he has recovered and is off the transplant list). When he had his treatments, he mentally played a video game in his head. The hepatitis was the bad guy and he destroyed it with various weapons! His doctors were amazed at how well he recovered and to what degree. Eddie believes that his positive attitude was a major factor. And so yours will be. Paul and I are grandparents to seven wonderful kids (ages 2-10). Your children are adorable and we know you must be so proud of them. I wanted to tell you that if you ever need someone to help out with your kids I would be glad to do that if I can. I don't presently work as I help take care of some of our grandchildren. So if I can ever be of assitance to you, please give me a call at 623-455-3720 (home) or 623-512-1634. We are planning to attend the Nov. 22 fund raiser. Paul is also going to donate a flying lesson/trip around the Valley (he is a flight instructor)for the silent auction. We will look forward to seeing Nan again and to meeting your wonderful family. I want to close with a saying from a daily inspirational calendar I have which says "Whatever life holds for you and your family in the coming days, weave the unfailing fabric of God's Word through your heart and mind. It will hold strong, even if the rest of life unravels." BTW, Paul is bald and he is beautiful! You will be, too, because it's obvious from reading your blog, that your real beauty is internal, which is all that really matters. Cheryl and Paul Wiley

Nicole said...

Hi Kim,
You dont know me, but I know your cousin Kandus. When she posted on myspace that you had been diagnosed with cancer, I told her about my mom's blog and that you should do the same! I am so glad you is my mom...we both agree that you are such an inspiration! We posted a link to your blog on her site which is hope you dont mind...we believe cancer survivors need all the support they can get! We can tell that you are such a strong woman and that you have a wonderful support group - those 2 things go a LONG way!!! We will keep following your progress and praying for you and your family.

Nicole Cundiff

Bre said...

Honestly, I have no clue how I came across your blog. But I saw your picture and I was like "I know her!" We played volleyball together at Apollo and I also played on NorthValley but in a different division. Then I read your blog and my heart leaped out of my throat. Your words are so strong and inspiring it moved me to tears. Cancer has affected many people around me and it's totally beatable. And remembering how strong you were in just playing volleyball...I know that you will have unimaginable amount of strength, power, love, fight, and so on to fight this battle. I will definately start to keep you in my prayers and thoughts. And trust me...I will be back often to check in on your blog. Stay strong lady!!!!


Rainma said...

Dear Kim:
I don't know if you remember me, but I was a dispatcher for many years for the city of Goodyear. I worked closely with Deron, Buddy, Chad, etc.
Please know you are in my prayers and I will post your blog on mine so others can pray.
I now live in Washington state, but if I can do anything at all for you and your family, please let me know.
I was recently healed from Fibromyalgia and have been pain free for the last few months, so I know that God answers prayers and He still heals.
God be with you and please, tell Deron I said to give you a huge hug from me and vice versa.

In His Grace & With My Love

Jean Kester
Retired Goodyear Dispatcher #594

Shannon said...

Hi, I am one of your mom's neighbors, Shannon. I was looking for information on the guns and hoses game this Saturday and found your blog. I was looking for information on the price of tickets. I have been telling people at church about the game to see if we could get more people there. If you know, will you post it so I can pass on the info.

Please have your family let us know any time what your needs are. We would love to let the kids come play, help with name it! Carson enjoys playing with Dylan and Kiki.

I want you to know that we are praying for you every day. We see your faith and strength and are totally inspired by you. What a terrific family you have! Stay strong and keep the faith.

Prayers and best wishes,
Shannon Vehar

Cassandra said...

Hi Kim,
I remember last year when we were in the media center at Palm Valley we were both helping out for something. Dylan and my son Cameron were both in Mrs. McDermott's class last year. You had asked me what happened to my arm and we started talking about my battle with Cancer when I was 16. Nothing about having Cancer is easy, I lost my hair too and had to shave it off. Besides losing my arm to Cancer, losing my hair was the second hardest thing. I know exactly what you are going through it is hard having chemo, being sick all the time, having to be careful who you are around, losing your hair, being tired etc. The list goes on. But, with the Lord and the support from your family and friends you will get through all of this. Having Cancer will make you a stronger person than you were before. I know that you are a fighter. My husband also had leukemia. We are both Cancer Survivors plus your mom and many many others. I send you my love!! My thoughts and prayers are with you always. Let me know if there is EVER ANYTHING that you need. Even just to talk. I will be there for you. These past few months have been hard for me too. I was in a major car accident in Sept. and hospitalized then in Oct. my father was in an accident and passed away. Even though it is hard to deal with I will be a fighter and get through it just like I did when I had Cancer. JUST DON'T EVER GIVE UP!!! You are so young and have too much to live for. Thank you for the updates on your blog, I really enjoy reading them. Take Care and hope to see you soon.
Cassandra Porter

gloriaisis1 said...

Dear Kim,
I know if anyone can BEAT CANCER....KIM CAN!!! You are an incredible inspiration in all you do,from being a great Mom, neighbor, friend, co-worker, and have the light of Christ shining in you to all you meet. I recall when you had Dylan & Kiki the amazing birthing experience that inspired so many of us. You make the tough times bright with your smile & positive attitude! I am so proud to say that you have made a difference in our lives. You always give 110% in all you do! I believe with God all things are possible & I believe he will touch so many with your healing like he did your Mom. Thank you for sharing your story with others! We are praying for your complete healing & are here for you all if you need anything. My Mom has added you to the prayer line at St. Thomas & her former prayer group in Texas. You also touched my family and have you in their prayers as well. We love & miss you all being right around the corner from us. Keep up your positive attitude & your smile...YOU CAN DO IT!!! Love & God bless,
Gloria, Patrick & Katharine Lee