Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Just a quick update...Nov. 5th, 2008

Thank you Aunt Kathy for informing everyone of my rectal bleeding. We are all much closer now. lol To be more informative about it...the bleeding is actually from my little friend, Mr. Hemorrhoid. However, with my chemo, it can cause bleeding which can be very serious. Therefore, they wanted me to come in right away to draw blood. The blood draw tells them so's amazing. They measure a certain count that tells them whether or not I'm loosing blood at a rapid pace. With my main tumor being in my colon region, rectal bleeding is a huge concern. They can tell whether or not I'm able to fight off any infections (hence needing to stay away from people), what my clotting capabilities are like...the list goes on. The good bleeding is not from the tumor and's just my little friend.

On to a better chemo class. It was actually very informative. I knew a lot of the information from when my mom went through chemo. However, this was much more in depth, but still very general for all chemo's. We received a list of each drug that makes up my wonderful cocktails and the known side effects for each. I haven't really looked too much into each of those. I don't want to read something that says "You will have this side effect" because I don't want my mind to go in that direction and actually have that side effect. If it happens...we know what it stems from but I want to keep my tough mentality and let my mind be in control without any preconceived thoughts. That may sound crazy to some but that's me...a bit crazy. Deron is becoming the expert on the side effects so we are not too alarmed should anything happen. The two most important things they stressed today in class was to maintain a well balanced diet and hydration and to keep our lives as normal as possible. It is critical to maintain our normal lifestyle. If not...the "C" word consumes your life...instead of it being another hurdle to overcome. I've been told that before and it's nice to hear that from the Mayo nurses as well.

Another mine and Deron's request, my Aunt Kathy was able to get my pain medication dose reduced and a new prescription written for us OVER THE WEEKEND. I don't think there is anything Aunt Kathy can't get accomplished. The dose they had me on was knocking me out. I couldn't function on a daily basis. Every few hours I would fall matter where we were or if I was in the middle of a conversation or not. It was horrible. Thank goodness all my visitors have understood and let me sleep and we finished our conversation as soon as I would wake up. Then we would all laugh about it. I started my new dose on Monday. Let me just tell you I feel like me again!!!!!!! I've been able to go to Deanna's games (YES...WITH MY MASK ON), I picked the kids up from school with Deron today (they were so excited to see me at school and so were some of the other parents and teachers we are friends with), and we went to the grocery store for dinner tonight. I'm actually feeling somewhat back to normal. I'm excited for chemo on Friday. My strength is so much better...actually my blood work yesterday showed my counts were up from last week.

Deanna had her senior night on Tuesday night and did awesome as always. It's hard to think that she is a senior and graduating early in December. She was this 8 year old little gymnast when I met her. She is now getting ready to graduate high school and enter this big world of responsibility. Hopefully things that each of us has taught her pays off in her future.

I'm hoping to get another update out this weekend while I'm on my 52 hour Chemo treatment. As always keep the prayers coming...OUR LORD IS GREAT!!!!!!!

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The McDougalls said...

I was reading your blog and noticed we have mutual friends. We need to get together and hang out sometime. lol!! Kim you are such an inspiration of how you make lemonade out of lemons. There is a reason for this and I am sure you will take it and embrace what God has given you. That doesnt mean fight like no other which I am sure with no doubt you have and will continue to do. You and the family are in our prayers. GO KIM!!