Sunday, November 23, 2008

I can't thank you all enough...

Starting off with Saturday, the day of the Bowl A Thon. When Kristen and I were getting ready to leave, of course the kids started arguing in the back seat. I was hoping that when we got there, they would both chill out and have fun...sure enough they did. When we pulled in the parking lot it was packed. I couldn't believe that there was not much room for parking at 11:30. I was greeted by some of the great Phx. Fire Dept. guys that were helping out. They then showed me the 4 ft. banner that hung above the entrance with my single photo and family photo on it...Thank you Audrey, it was beautiful. When I entered the bowling alley I was then greeted by the amazing team that volunteered their day to benefit my family. As I continued in to actually see the bowling alley, I was brought to tears by the amount of people that were already there bowling, eating, signing up for the silent auction items. My aunts took me to the back so I could have my moment. I am still blown away at everyone I saw...a lot of you I know...and so many of you I did not know. I had people coming up to me that saw my story in the newspaper, had no clue who I was before, giving me cards with wonderful thoughts, prayers, and donations. I could never thank you all enough for all the hard work put in to this event and the tremendous turn out. We have been praying for a financial blessing to help us through these times...well, our wonderful Lord has answered that prayer. He had all of you show up to support us. Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We had a blast as well. Dylan and Kyrstin had the time of their life bowling for the first time. I bowled a bit but with my left hand as my chemo was hooked into my right chest area. Thank goodness they had the bumpers up for me too.
Today, Sunday, I went with my mom and Vinny to his church, The Light House, at 83rd. Ave just north of Thunderbird. This service was unlike anything I've ever experience. It was amazing. The music was so uplifting, the Pastor's were incredible. Vinny had seats for my mom and I right up front. The head Pastor called me up to the front and he and a few others laid their hands upon my head and prayed for my healing. Hearing everyone praying, thanking our gracious Lord, agreeing with our prayers of healing brought me to tears. It was so powerful being in the presence of such amazing people, feeling their positive energy, feeling the presence of our Lord. It's hard to express all my feelings. One of many things that I came away with from today's service was how when things in our life seem to be going good...we are in a routine...we sometimes forget the most important part in life...our Lord. Having him first in our lives, he will make sure we have everything we need. I truly believe this and I am guilty of that exact thing...until now. This meant so much to me...Thank you Vinny! We are hoping to come back next Sunday with the kids. I also had the pleasure of meeting a few people that were healed from terminal cancer and I just felt like I was supposed to be there.
Tonight has been a bit tougher. My stomach got upset and I did get sick this time. However, round 3 complete and only getting sick once...I'll take that.
I'm so thankful to have you all in my life and going through this experience with me. We will do this! I will WIN!!!!!
Much love,



k2vell said...

Hi Kim,
I just wanted you to know you are an inspiration to our family and my sister. My sister Kelly was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer October 24th at Banner Estrella hospital. I work for the Glendale Police dept and an officer here told me about you because of my sister. I guess his wife knows your sister. My family has really been struggling my sister has 3 children and was going through a divorce when diagnosed. She is still going through the divorce and was dating someone else that has since moved on after hearing her diagnoses. I know my sister reads your blog everyday as I do. I have been meaning to write to you. My sister started chemo yesterday because she had to wait and heal from surgery before starting chemo. I just wanted you to know that you are also in our daily prayers. We have gained strength as a family from your blog. I think I will start one for my sister.

Take care,
Kathy Touvell

Chad and Angie Baker said...

We had a great time seeing you and your family at the bowling event. We were so caught up visiting with everyone we forgot to bowl! It was so amazing to see how many people were there, and friends & neighbors we hadn't seen in years. This event was so wonderful and you are as gorgious as ever! Your strenght is amazing and thank you for sharing your updates on the blog. All the best, Angie & Chad Baker