Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Another few days have passed!

I thought I'd get on and update you all on the past few days. Not much has happened....except the hair continues to come out. It's thinning rapidly but evenly so far. Weird thing is...my hair is starting to hurt sometimes...hmmm?
Sunday was a recovery day. I didn't get out of bed until 12 noon from our late night with friends...it took me back to my teenage days over the summer. We went to a birthday party for one of Kiki's classmate...it was the Madagascar movie. Most of her kindergarten class was there. It was nice to be out with all four of us. I text Deron in the movie saying how great it feels to be out an about living life instead of being trapped in my house with the constant reminder of why I'm home and not working or doing things with the kids.
I have to tell you about what I did on Saturday soon after we got home from the Colon Cancer walk...I still laugh about it. Most people get irritated by the Saturday Jehovah Witness people that come door to door on Saturdays. I've never met this gentleman named Mike who has come to my home quite a few times before because I've always been at work. Deron has always talked with him and allowed him to read scriptures from the bible. Well, he happened to come to the house, Deron talked with him like normal, then he was going to leave. When Deron came back to our room where I was napping, I asked him who was at the door. I got up and ran to the front door, waved them down and asked them if they would please say a prayer with me. So there we stood in the middle of the street praying. I loved it. He even had his wife come back to see me yesterday (Monday). I woke up by door bell ringing, through my rope around me and it was his wife and her friend at my home to see me as promised. There we sat on my sofa, me in my robe, and us praying and reading the bible. The things I'm doing now just to have prayer around me is unlike anything I've ever done before. But, you know, it feels so good. They are even coming to see me this Thursday for more prayers. I can't wait!
Today, Deron and I drove up to Flagstaff to pick up his deer meat. It was so peaceful driving, just the two of us. It's amazing once you stop and really take in the scenic drive. We really do live in a beautiful place. We talked the entire way up there...from everything to nothing. We had lunch at Olive Garden and started our way back home. I felt bad because I had a full belly and fell asleep the entire way home. We still had a great time. We got back from Deanna's volleyball banquet tonight and I think she is sad that her volleyball is over. The sad thing is...it doesn't have to be over...she has the talent to continue...I just wish she believed that like everyone else does.
I did receive a phone call yesterday from nurse Wendy regarding my white cell count being pretty low. That was from the blood draw I did last Friday. She was so pleased to hear that we had our busiest weekend and I felt the best over this weekend. Yeah for my body! I have a very strong body...it will carry me through this. Each night we pray that God keeps my body strong to work with the chemo not against it and for my mind to remain positive. We have such an amazing God.
As I continue to get emails from everyone I know and especially the ones I don't know, I am truly touched at the continued love and support. We can't thank you enough for you support. We hope to see you all on Saturday. I will be on chemo that day so with the crowd, don't be surprised to see me with a mask on for precaution. I've been handling treatments well and expect the same for this weekend.
We love you all!


Miss JRenae said...

Keep up your dukes!!! You are doing an amazing job. Lots of hugs to YOU!!! :)

Kendy said...

Dear Kim,
When I heard the news, I was so sadden. I couldn't believe something like this could happen to such a beautiful, young woman. You inspire me everyday when I go onto your page. As I struggle through my own life challenges, with my husband Chris Carson, www.chriscarsonrecovery.org, I think about how strong and incredible you are and it really helps me to keep pushing on too. Don't ever give up fighting, God is always with you! God is so AWESOME! Chris and I pray for you and your family every night, for the Lord to give you peace, strength, courage and most of all your health. You are a very strong woman and you always have been, you just keep fighting Kim. I sent your website to everyone I know and I will continue to pray. You can beat this! With God all things are possible! Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help.
With Love,
Kendra Carson